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Songkran 2017 Sky Festival @ Stratosphere, The Roof, Bandar Utama

Hello readers ..

I recently had fun at the biggest PJ's Songkran 2017 Festival at Stratosphere, The Roof, Bandar Utama!! My first ever Songkran experienced ..  just a few kilometres away from my home. Well .. with that means, now we can celebrate the arrival of Thai new year without burning our wallets with flight tickets, hotel rooms etc .. etc.

It was raining earlier .. the sky was cloudy but that didn't stop our excitement. We gonna get wet, anyway so lets do it!

Crowd started to fill The Roof once the rain stopped. It was my first time visiting The Roof ~ a luxury roof top bar. I was amazed with the set up ~ looks like we are going to have a Wet Sky Garden Party ya *that was my first impression*

Wootssss ... The view here are pretty amazing! Kembang kuncup hati Misz-ella bila berada di tempat ini .. rasa nak lompat-lompat sebab tersangatlah suka *lols*

From here, we can see the view of 360 degree Klang Valley skyline and we spotted KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower too .. with the cold windy weather .. my mind was blown away .. great view, amazing feeling *love*

Songkran 2017 Sky Festival were attended by people from all races and tourists too

Then we joined the rest of our friends. OMG .. they were already wet and that made me more excited!

Look at them .. ohhh i cannot tahan .. 

Lets do it, Sista. Get our gun ready and start our Water gun fight. The water gun provided was pretty cute and small but good enough to make you wet to the max! lol!

We need to fill our gun with water at the water station but that was not easy as the station were surrounded with participants with water guns and yahhh .. we were wet before we managed to fill our water gun *haha*

Told you earlier it was a Fun Wet Garden Party! 

And I shot Suki successfully .. Yess!!

Tired after a few rounds of  water fight so I hide myself at the Dry Zone area but then it wasn't a safe place for me as I still get shot by them .. lols!

Wet, happy faces at Songkran 2017 Festival ~ Fun!

Thirsty? Tired? Take a break and have your soft drinks at the water station

Another great spot for pics!

I had an opportunity to watch a sunset from The Roof ~  one of the most precious moment during Songkran 2017 Festival .. beautiful! I always enjoy watching sunset, reminded me on the Moon and Sun love story .. the sun loves the moon so much. He died every day to let the moon breathe. GoodBye Sun .. see you again tomorrow.

As soon as the sunset, the venue were then illuminated beautifully by lights .. 

And the BBQ Party started .. 

Drinks were served ..

And the crowd were seen enjoying themselves dance their heart and soul following the rhythm and had so much fun!

All in .. all in .. We had fun at Songkran 2017 Festival at The Rooftop, Stratosphere on 16 April 2017. The venue was perfect with amazing view, beautiful sunset, weather was cool, we had a dose of fun water activities and our night were accompanied by a fun, catchy music. Perfect!