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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

1 Utama's Rustic Woodland Christmas - Love & Joy

Hai Readers .. Its Year End.  Sekejap je dah hujung tahun dan seperti biasa Hujung tahun sangat sinonim dengan sambutan Hari Krismas dan Tahun Baru dan baru-baru ini Blog Misz-ella dijemput ke 1 Utama's Christmas Media Launch 2014.

I am a loyal customer of 1 Utama Shopping Mall.  I started shop at 1 Utama since its early stage of operation .. when Ikea was still there .. when First Avenue and One World location now was still an open car park where i used to park my car on early Sunday morning.  I love 1 Utama from the beginning till now so the invitation Accepted with big excitement. Tak sabar nak join the Event!!

We had a chance to customized our own Keychain.

My customized Keychain prepared by Juize By Five. Only 6 letters fit in so i'm happy with ELLA when actually i want it to be MISZ-ELLA. Red + Green is a perfect combination, right ...

Rustic Woodland Christmas - Love & Joy is 1 Utama's  Christmas 2014 Theme. Bringing the outdoors in, shoppers get to escape to a whimsical woodland forest where we will meet chubby collar bears, squinty-eyed foxes, squirrels, owls, raccoons, penguins and many other beloved characters for photo opportunities!! And there are Snow-capped Christmas trees with glittering fairy lights and beautiful ornaments too. Everyone at all ages will have a jolly good time at 1 Utama Woodland Forest!! Its so much fun to be here.

Welcomed by Celebrity Emcee Vanessa Chong

Speech by Tan Sri Dato' Ir. Teo Chiang Kok, Director of 1 Utama Shopping Centre.  1 Utama, the world's fourth largest Shopping mall from 28 Nov to 28 December 2014 will be warming the hearts of many with its lovely Yuletide celebration this year.  A lot of exciting activities, great offers, free gifts awaits shoppers during this Festive season.

Then there was a Musical Dance performance. So cute !!

The handsome Prince and the beautiful Princess !!

Joyful performance

Then there was a Christmas Musical Performance by The Loving Gaia.  The Mascot sang very well and dance happily. Not only we as a human but the Rustic Woodland forest creatures such as the zebra, the tiger, the elephant, the snakes, the rabbits are happily celebrating the Christmas with Love and Joy here at 1 Utama.

The launching 

After the fascinating Musical performance and the launch, Hi-Tea was served by Betjeman and Barton. Super delicious food with the great tea really make our tummy full and happy. Look forward to have a Hi-Tea with my girlfriends at their outlet (near to the One World Hotel entrance-old wing)

Wefie with Jannah .. happy to celebrate Christmas together at 1 Utama. We shopped a lot and the price paid is very pocket friendly. Huge savings awaits shoppers at 1 Utama during this Festive Season.

Selfie with the Mascott. Ohhhh .. comel. Kids would definitely love all the cute creatures from the Rustic Woodland Forest specially brought by 1 Utama during this festive season and dont forget to do this ~ SELFIEEE ... 

Christmas wont be complete without the Santa.  At my age of 40 i am still excited when i saw the Santa. Fairy Tales, Childhood is always Fun!! 

We love Wefie .. ~ With Butterflies Mamasan, Tammy who worked hard bringing us to this Happening Launching.  We enjoyed the performance, we shopped a lot, we talked, we joked, we laugh, we ate delicious food and we Wefie a lot. We had a great time. Tq 1 Utama for this great moments.

A photo with the Celebrity Emcee Vanessa Chong .. kakak kepada Vince Chong Juara Akademi Fantasia tu. Very friendly and cheerful lady .. and so cantik too.

More Butterflies with the Friendly Emcee.
*Photo courtesy of 1Utama FB*

Butterflies Photo Session. Yeayy!!
*Photo courtesy of 1Utama FB

The love we spread is the joy we get. True .. spreading the love to everyone in our life make our life happier, meaningful and full of joy. So lets spread the love together in 1 Utama during this Festive Season.  A lot of happenings awaits you and family here.

Fun activities, Workshops, Performances, Rewards awaits shoppers at 1 Utama during this Festive Season.

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Merlyn said...

Truly colurful and wonderful event! JB's butterfly tengok dari jauh je la. Once in a while kalau dtg KL, memang suka pergi 1 Utama, mengimbau kenangan tempat lepak di zaman muda remaja.


gembiranya semua muka! hahaahahahah~

Suria Amanda said...

waaa...bestnya...SA just dapat amik gambar decoration je....ingt nak bawak Dania ke sini...tp tu la...ntah bila lepas lagi...