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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

BE Creative Make up - Muse by Watson

Hello Readers .. Misz-ella baru-baru ni dapat peluang mencuba Produk mekap terbaru di pasaran ~ BE Creative Make up keluaran Muse by Watson. OK Hepi. Pertama sebab bakal ditransform kan muka polos suci ku ini kepada lebih berseri. Kedua kerana bakal berkenalan dengan BE Creative Make Up dengan lebih dekat lagi. Yeayyyy  *hepi*

BE Creative Make Up

We were given an Option to chose our own Make Up Look ..

BE natural?
BE romantic?
BE funky?
BE glamorous?

I chosed BE glamorous since i am so used to BE on natural face. Haha. Teringin kau nak tengok muka sendiri lepas di glamerkan oleh BE Creative. 

Butterflies and Catterpillars from The Butterfly Community during the Make Over by BE Creative Cosmetics. Sooo happy to see each other .. so excited to see the result of the makeover. So-So-Sooooo .. so happening lah the Event.

And its Me!! Soooo excited to see the result. Sikit-sikit pandang cermin.  Tak sabar nak lawa. Haha.

And Tadaaaaaaa ... The end result.  My glamorous look using BE Creative Make up is sooo eye catching. I love the natural matte finished eyeshadow. Its still eye loving even without the sparkling or the blink-blink glittering.  I love the non-sticky non-feeling BE Foundation on my skin and i love the non-glossy non-shining sexy looks and so comfortable on the lips lipstick by BE Creative. I love the Sexy Dark Brown Brow Liner.  I hardly used dark brown on my eye brow cos i found that its makes me looks older but its totally different with BE Creative.

Beautiful faces by BE on that day

Amanda,  from BE Creative Make Up is giving us a detail explanation on the products

The first professional make-up range with high quality formulas and design available at Muse by Watsons at an affordable price.

Its high quality formulas ..


And i love the Brush ..  Nak beli!! Nak beli!! Nanti nak beli Brush ni.

4 ranges of products offered by BE Creative ~ 
BE Face
BE Eyes
BE Lips
Be Artist Tools

I have bought 3 of the 4 ranges. Be Artist Tools will be my next purchase. Yeayy!!

The beaufitul Butterflies and Catterpillar at BE Creative Make Over Session.  Thanks Muse by Watson for the opportunity. We went back home beautifully and happily. 

BE Creative Make Up is available at Muse by Watson at Sunway Pyramid.  Check more detail about BE Creative Make Up here


Irfa said...

jeles tgk org pandai mekap, huhu
sy cuma pandai pakai bedak n lipstik je

Diana Rashid said...

cantiknya kakchik...sesuai sangt solekan tu dengan kakchik..

Misz-ella Ismail said...

Kc pun tak pandai sangat .. tapi suka dimekapkan. Haha.

Misz-ella Ismail said...

Haha diana. Cantik, kannn

Mieza Everdeen said...

makeup artist tu mmg awesome lah, mieza dengan dia dulu masa event Cremorlab. dia makeover lawa gila and tak nampak over pun, wish i can have magical talented hands like her!

Nurul Ain Zulkarnaind said...

cantik la KC

suka mekap2 ni walaupun yong xde la reti mana kekeke