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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

The Newly Improved 3-in-1 Lipton Milk Tea (Teh Tarik)

Malaysia, one of the unique countries in the world where numerous religion and races stay together and all fellow Malaysians share a common culture that is equally enjoyed by anyone of any age group – The “yum cha” culture, which literally means, “drink tea”.

At any time of the day, Malaysians enjoy a cup of milk tea, otherwise locally known as Teh Tarik, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or supper. Some may say that a cup of Teh Tarik is best enjoyed with Nasi Lemak, while some may say that it goes well with scones and cakes. Regardless of the type of food, the milk tea is a beverage enjoyed by most Malaysians and is served and enjoyed everywhere .. either at the Coffee House of a 5 star hotel or at the Hawkers stall. Teh tarik has never fail to unite Malaysian and has becoming more popular among the tourist too.

Lipton, the World's no. 1 Tea brand with its Lipton Yellow Label has recently improved  the formula of their Lipton Milk Tea and introduced 2 new flavours to cater the needs of the Teh Tarik fans.

The four flavours of Lipton 3-in-1 Milk Tea ~ Hazelnut, Teh Tarik Signature, Teh Tarik Classic and Teh Halia.

Lipton 3-in-1 Milk Tea now is creamier and frothier than before. The ingredients in the instant tea powder are derived from tea extract which has a balanced tea taste and produces a nice froth with a pleasant tea aroma. It is also certified Halal by MUI which is recognised by JAKIM. Additionally, its sweetness is well balanced with tea and real milk.

The Lipton 3-in-1 Teh Tarik is specifically made to suit the unique taste buds of Malaysians which is different from the rest of the world. Moreover, it has the versatility to be served hot, iced or chilled.

The Lipton 3-in-1 Signature Classic Milk Tea Latte

The new Lipton 3-in-1 Ginger Milk Tea ~ uses real ginger powder in its formulation with the purpose of achieving the truly authentic Teh Halia taste and aroma besides providing the goodness and benefits of ginger. This will be my next favourite Tea, i guess cos you know how I love ginger so much. Hehe.

The new Lipton 3-in-1 Hazelnut Milk Tea combines the fragrant taste of hazelnuts to provide a nutty and aromatic experience to appeal to the younger generation of milk tea lovers who are more adventurous when it comes to taste

The newly improved Teh Tarik Milk Latte Tea ~ the forever Malaysian favourite 

With Lipton 3-in-1 Milk Tea, everyone can now master the art of Teh Tarik instantly, and easily enjoy a good cup of rich, creamy milk tea. Tea lovers now have more choices to relax and lift their spirits in any way they desire, with the 3-in-1 convenient mix made from Lipton‘s quality tea leaves. Take a sip of Lipton and open the doors to a brighter way of life. Lipton® 3-in-1 Milk Tea is available in convenient packs of 12 sachets each priced at RM13.90 and available at all hypermarkets, supermarkets as well as retail outlets Nationwide.

And now readers, lets enjoy some photos taken during the Event of the Lipton's Yellow Shades Party. Berkilau-kilauan kuning kami semua ..bagai menghadiri Jamuan Diraja. Hehe.

I love Teh Tarik .. even harus diminum secara berkongsi. Thanks Love for allowing me a Sips!!

We had the opportunity to enjoy Teh Tarik with Cupcakes and Cookies. Unlike usual, breakfast is Teh Tarik with Roti Canai only or Teh Tarik with Pisang Goreng untuk minum petang. Hehe.

And trust me .. you wont regret enjoying it with Chocolate Macarons too.
Teh Tarik is My Hot Tea. Teh Tarik is Posivititea. Teh Tarik is my Tea Time. I LOVE TEH TARIK.

Bloggers enjoying various sweeties with Teh Tarik

The afternoon where we enjoyed lots of Teh Tarik. Uppsss .. Calories overloaded, Elana!!! Haha.

Thank You Lipton for the Invitation. We love the taste of the newly improved Yellow Label Tea and the Hazelnut Tea too. For more information, log on to Lipton‘s Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/LiptonMalaysia.

Photos courtesy of http://miriammerrygoround.com
and  http://elanakhong.blogspot.com. Check their blog for more stories and pictures.


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