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3CE ~ 3 Concept Eye Cosmetics at Muse by Watsons

Hello. Hai Readers.

Today lets talk about beauty. Harini Misz-ella nak share tentang produk 3 Concept Eyes or also known as 3CE. Muse By Watsons has recently brought this brand to their store and a group of Butterfly Beauty bloggers has been invited to the brand's introduction session in one lovely afternoon.

Well .. penggemar-penggemar mekap mesti dah ramai yang tau yang 3CE is a Korean-made cosmetic. Yeahhh K-Pop mode is ON again!! 

Amanda and Irene from Muse by Watsons during the Introduction Session on 3CE with the bloggers

3CE is a Korean brand product which is unique and dynamic. It is designed to cater for all kind of looks required and what's unique is the varieties technique of using the cosmetics can really challenge your creativity. 3CE offers complete cosmetic ranging from the foundations, concealer, powder, lipstick, lip gloss, lip pigment, cream blusher, highlight beam, eyeshadows and many more.

Some of the 3CE products. OhMyGoddd .. i was screaming inside. Nak jerit kuat-kuat malu .. tapi dalam hati .. How nice if I can bring a set home. OK .. hanya mampu dalam hati sahaja sebab I is so malu ok. Seriously the product presentation and features attracts my attention. Amazing colours, handy packaging, simple yet attractive concept .. that is 3CE. But wait .. not only the external look of 3CE is beautiful. Read more to discover why i am in love with 3CE so much.

The 7 colours of Lip Pigment

A demonstration on the 3CE Cosmetic by the Muse MUA, Irene.

Antara kebaikan dan keunikan kosmetic 3CE produk ialah ianya boleh disuaipadan (mix and match) untuk mendapatkan kesan warna yang lebih cantik dan mengagumkan. Put a little bit of  orange and pink on your hands.

Mix it using a blending brush and see the result. You can keep on adding other colours until you are satisfied with the mixture.

Apply it on your lips using the lip brush only after you apply a lip balm on your lips *a lot*

The beautiful face of Miriam using 3CE Cosmetics.

I was given a a 3CE Cream Blusher and 3CE Duo Cover Concealer to try *happy*

Too orangeeeee ???? And the 3CE Duo Cover Concealer for blemish coverage. 

The 3-in-1 3 Concept Eyes Cream Blusher in Orange which i used as my Blusher, Eyeshadow, and Lipstick. A multifunction single tube that really make my make up easy. I used the Cream blusher on my lips too to get the same tone on my cheek but do not forget the lip balm earlier on your lips because the texture is a bit dry and rough. Use a lip brush and gently blend it on your lips. I used the same product as my eyeshadow too. A single tube for 3 purpose. Creative, right!!   Not to forget, the Duo Cover Concealer covers blemishes and dark sports on our skin .. giving you non other than flawless look skin *love*

Yeahhh .. the Korean Inspiration make up using 3CE cosmetics. Korean love earth cool natural colour like orange, brown or gold to suits their fair skin. They applied full sets of makeup but it looks so light and soft on their skin. The secret is the Korean Made Cosmetics and 3CE is one of them. You might find it a bit difficult to apply the cream type eyeshadow, blusher and lip pigment if you are not use to it *like me* but trust me its worth the time and effort. My opinion about 3CE? I LOVE IT .. and I WANT MORE!! Hehe.

For those of you who want to know more about 3CE cosmetics, it is now available at Muse by Watson, Sunway Pyramid and Watsons Suria KLCC or buy online at watsons.com.my or visit their Facebook facebook.com/MusebyWatsons


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