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Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Range Review

Hello beauty readers ..

As i always mentioned, it is important to take care of our skin. Our skin is a living cell which needs our love and attention. Each of us has a different skin type which requires different skin regiment but same treatment ~ Give our skin a tender loving care.

I had a problems with my skin recently due to some reasons
  • Hot weather
  • Do not consume enough water
  • Cleanser dries up my skin
  • My skin are thirsty and dry
  • I dont have a Toner
  • Skin lack of moisture
An opportunity to try Pure Beauty Geoaqua Ultra-Hydrating Toner and Aqua Gel is something a must do and not to be miss!!

Pure Beauty Geoaqua Ultra-Hydrating is made for Asian woman using latest Korean technology and promised to hydrate our skin after 4 weeks of using. 

From the hot, exotic waters of apline Onsen pools, Pure Beauty is a gift for our skin from deep within the Earth. It is free from paraben, lanolin and alcohol. Dermatologist tested and made of natural ingredients i.e. Organic plants.

Two products from Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Toner and AquaGel moisturiser for me to try On. I love the light sweet turqoise colour of this Pure Beauty range.

The GeoAqua Ultra-hydrating Toner (RM31 - 145ml)
It tighten our pores, balance our skin pH level, moisture and make our skin radiance. It also removes extra dirt, leaving your skin clean and healthy. It is a water base toner, clear in colour and has a very sweet vanilla scent. I love this Toner!!

Pure Beauty Geoaqua Ultra-Hydrating Aqua Gel (RM45 - 50ml)
It is a light pink gel which has a very light weight texture, non-greasy and has a scent of vanilla. Its lock in the moisture, prevents oil build up and enhance cells regeneration. Its a bit sticky when you first applied but  quickly absorb by the skin. You wont feeling anything on your skin after a minutes or two.

I tried both products for more than a week. Ok la .. suits my skin. It gave my skin an ultra velvet soft feeling and it is still moist and hydrate even after a long day. Once applied .. it lock in the moisture till the moment you clear it off by washing your face. I used it day and night. I really recommend this Aqua Gel for those who want to solve their thirsty dry skin problem.

Products are available at www.Watsons.com.my or visit their Facebook at Pure Beauty Malaysia  


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