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Tuesday Food Hunting ~ Pelicana Chicken

Hello Hai Readers ..

We love Food. We love Chicken. We love trying a new outlets so lets try something new.

This time, we tried
Pelicana Chicken to feed our not-so-hungry tummy. Situated at e@curve, we were told that this is their second outlet in Malaysia. The first one is in Sibu. And wohoooo !!! Its Korean again.

We ordered 3 types of Chicken. WOW ... look at the colour .. merah menyala you alls

The Spicy Chicken is really spicy.  Deep fried Drummet and wingenette coated with special flour and covered with Korean Chilli Sauce. Double spicy!! This suits the spicy lovers like me.

The Charcoal Chicken
Still spicy but it has a kind of unique taste. I guess its the sauce .. it taste like a spicy BBQ sauce. Perhaps the sauce is prepared in a traditional way .. using charcoal. Haha.

The Original Series
This is dedicated to those who dont like spicy. It is a sweet and sour. Sedap lah!!

Their Menu .. they have varieties of food to feed our tummy.

RM50.95 for 3 persons is still reasonable but Ohh Noooo ..  they charge us Service Charge. We paid both GST and Service Charge. Mana nak komplen ni? I dont think its worth to complain to the staffs. Mereka hanya menjalankan tugas sahaja. Hurmmmm .. geram, kan.


Yan Ty said...

Yummy . pasal tax tu mmg xworth it

Anis Farhana Aliman said...

Kak Ella,
The spicy one compared to one we had at Kyochon which you like better?


Miriam Goh said...

Yums yums.. but still lacking a bit in taste right kak. Hahaha tapi pedasnya memang boleh tahan le..


Amanda Suria said...

Mana2 sekarang memang both service charge and GST applies...well nak buat camana..rakyat tau kuasa mereka....boleh cuba nanti ni...SA suka je Food hunting....