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Horien Eye Secret Contact Lenses Launched @ 1 Utama

Hello Hai Readers ..

Lets talk about Eyes today. Mata yang sihat buat pandangan kita lebih ceria. Mata yang sihat buat orang suka memandang mata kita. Mata yang berseri buat pandangan mata ibarat berkaca-kaca. Asyik sungguh orang memandang kita.

Recently, misz-ella.blogspot.com was invited for an Official Launching of Horien - The latest contact Lenses from Taiwan. Horien contact lenses are designed using the patented technology promises the wearers a safe and comfortable experience addressing the common problems faced by users .. commonly are dry eyes, blurrines and sensitivity.

Horien Eye Secret sets itself different from the rest with its unique formula of 38% water content, as compared to 55% in most contact lenses in the market. The low percentage of water content means that the lenses do not need to draw as much moisture from its surrounding, thus has less tendency to dry up the eyes.

Coupled with the use of natural moisturising agent Sodium Hyaluronate and water-locking agent Trehalose, Horien contact lenses treat your eyes to a moist, comfortable experience. On the other hand, its aspheric and HD technology promote clearer vision.

As for colour lens, which is becoming a must for a fashion-conscious, the unique BMW 3D Wrap Colouring Method ensures that colour additives do not leach. Besides, the technology also creates smoother and thinner lens when compared with the traditional sandwich method.  The company's pad printing facility uses a female's mold which protects the cornea and encourages sharper vision.

Colour contact lenses by Horien Eye Secret

Not only Contact lenses, Horien also comes complete with the Multi Purpose Solution, lubricating drops and fresh solution to cater the needs of the Contact lenses user.

Me using the Horien Contact Lense. I used it for a whole day during an Event last week. It provide me an all day comfort. I dont feel like having a Contact lense on my eyes and had a clearer vision.  Nampak mata lebih bulat dan tak sepet lagi, kan. Hehe. Looks like i have fall in love with this Taiwan made contact lens.

Horien contact lenses are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a comfortable and safe contact lenses. Be it for daily wear or to make a heads turn, Horien Eye Secret's clear or colour lenses will be the answer you are looking for. Visit their Facebook Page for more info.


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Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

bestnyer... rugi tak pergi.. teringin nak ada contact lens baru pun... huhuhu