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Oriental Thai Restaurant at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar

Hai readers ..

Me and my friends was invited for a Food Review again. This time, we went to Oriental Thai Restaurant which is located at the 1st Floor of Pullman Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Bangsar. So lets check it out ...

Oriental Thai Restaurant is a Chinese Thai Fusion Restaurant which started it operations less than six (6) months ago. Ever since it operations, it has received a very well feedback and response from the customers.

The first impression that I had once I stepped into the restaurant was .... Hurmmmm .. very big, spacious and comfortable. I seriously think that this Restaurant is definitely a venue that we can consider for any private functions ~ either its corporate or personal.

It also has private rooms which consists of 1 table, 2 tables or 3 tables. A great choice for those who want to have a private session with the guests.

Chicken Dumpling Ebiko - RM10
I always love dumplings especially when it is served hot. This Chicken Dumpling Ebiko is fresh and has a very fine texture. I love the taste and enjoy it just like that without the sauce.

Prawn Dumpling - RM12
This dumpling with the originally sweet and fresh prawn inside definitely wins my tummy.

Squid Dumpling Scallop - RM12
I was surprised with this black skin wrapping dim sum. I guess I have never seen this kind of dim sum before .. lol. Its looks unique and yeahh .. its taste very nice too.

Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbs - RM14
This black chicken soup with chinese herbs is one of the Menu listed under the Soup of the Day. It is boiled perfectly with wild mushroom and has a very nice aroma. The Chicken soup is so refreshing and originally sweet. No MSG or any preservative added and definitely a good choice for those who want to keep their cold body warm. RECOMMENDED !

Crispy Fried Fish
Ahaaa .. this is good. Its quite interesting to munch this Crispy Fried Fish which was fried perfectly and coated with sweet sesame sauce. Like eating our 'Keropok Ikan' while having good times with my family. RECOMMENDED !

Luffa Melon Bean - RM31 
Luffa Melon Bean is a very nice and delicious Soft Tofu (Bean Curd) with a green vege on the top and served with a special sauce.  The tofu is soft and fresh and the sauce complete the whole serving. It gave me a good feeling and really enjoy it. RECOMMENDED!

Rice Noodle Seafood - RM39.50
*photo credit to http://cre8tonekitchen.blogspot.my*
This is my favourite too ~ Rice Noodle Seafood  with a green vegetables and fresh seafood served with a thick, creamy gravy. Enjoy it with 'Chili Padi + Soy sauce' if you want it to be spicy.

Jasmine Beef Shank - RM36
A soft, juicy and moist beef shank served beautifully in a plate. Quite nice but I find it a bit sweet.

Chicken Chef Crisp - RM83
A deep fried 'kampung' chicken which is very tender and juicy at the same time. The chicken is so crispy and the shallots on top of it added more taste and adding more aroma to this dish. Chicken lover should consider this dish especially if you come with your kids. They will love it, definitely. RECOMMENDED !

Lemongrass Jelly - RM14
We ended our lunch here with a desert called Lemongrass Jelly. First time in my life i tried a Lemongrass Jelly. Its so cool and refreshing and has a very nice sweet aroma too. I should try doing this at home, ya. Hahaha. Anyway, for those of you who has never try the Lemongrass Jelly *like me*, its definitely not a wrong decision to give yourself a try. The taste is really good and refreshing.

Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar is located at No. 1 Jalan Pantai Jaya,
Tower 3,59200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-2298 1888

For more information about the Restaurant, hotel and promotions, kindly click to http://pullmankualalumpur.com 


Suria Amanda said...

Telan air liur SA KC....sedap betul nampaknya tuh...nak2 set2 dumpling tu

Aqilah Azmi said...

kyaaaaa i love dumplings T_T