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The New Delicious Menu & "Inspired by Tapas"

Hello readers *waving right hand and smile to you*

This entry is about Delicious. If you follow my blog, you will definitely know how me and family love Delicious so much. Started as a cosy tearoom at 1 Utama Shopping Centre with just a few items on its menu in 2004, Delicious now has grown into a chain of 6 Delicious and 3 Simply d Cafes in the Klang Valley and a catering services.

Delicious has introduce 16 new and improved dishes to cater the needs of their customer. Well, I have tried the menu and I'm writing this Entry to share my experience with Delicious new menu.

A photo with Delicious' CEO, Steve Allen who has just returned from his UK and Barcelona, Spain trip to do some research on the food trends there and to share it with the us here in Malaysia. We  had a very long talk. Thanks for your time Steve, I enjoyed listening.

The new delicious menu has been stripped bare and Steve has taken the decision to review all new and old favorites and how he and his team could improve them. As a result, simple sauces such as a tomato sauce have now been enhanced by fresh vegetables such as fennel, shallots and leeks as well as fresh herbs including tarragon and parsley

Delicious has also taken another steps to reward the diners by rolled out a Monday and Tuesday specials night of "Buy 1 Free 1" dishes. In December, Asian Mains get the spotlight followed by Sandwiches, Burgers and Wraps in January.... This is available from 3pm every Monday and Tuesday and you can choose any two of these dishes and receive the lower priced item absolutely free. 

The new "Apple Mint Lemonade" (RM10) as well as the "Rose Lychee Frostie" (RM12.50). I have tried both and suggest you try it too. They are definitely very refreshing and tasted good too.


The "Inspired by Tapas" menu is 10 small dishes created by both Steve Allen and Executive Chef Sandy Alan Rowe to provide diners with choice and variety, and perfect for sharing ... diners can now order up to 5 dishes of these and shared it between 2-3 people without breaking the bank and still have a satisfying meal. This is based in the Spanish way of eating.

This menu will run from 4th January up to 31st March 2016 and the prices will range between RM8  to RM18

So readers .. let's check it out ....

 "Baked Pumpkin with Grilled Prawns" (RM17.50)

This is definitely my favorites and I do not mind to have more than a plate *hehehe*  the baked pumpkin was tender, sweet and juicy and the grilled prawn make it a perfect meal. I will be very happy to call this dish as 'happiness in a plate' I just cant stop eating. Hehe.

"Creamed Garlic Mushrooms" with Croutons and Poached Egg (RM13.00)
Ohhh mushroom lover like me pleaseee .. this is definitely a perfect choice for us. The taste is so good and nice.

The "Grilled Beef Skewers" (RM18)
Well, as eating a skewers is another way of enjoying beef, then i feel beef lover should try this Grilled Beef Skewers. It comes with tomatoes, red onions and k.capsicum/peppers and  fried potatoes .... you should try this. 

The "Black Cod" (RM18)
Cod Fish is always my favourite. Served with a capsicum sauce .. its pretty simple and I love it.


Delicious has also introduced the new menu to give more options and varieties to the diners. Lets check the new menu readers ..

 "Pumpkin Risotto Balls" (RM13.50)
 This pumpkin risotto balls contains  mushrooms and rosemary in it and on its own it tastes great. Its a bit crunchy outside .. moist and tasty inside. Remember to enjoyed it with the accompanying Pesto Mayonnaise .. delicious!! 

 "Roasted Pumpkin, Coconut & Beef Serunding Salad with Papaya"  (RM26.50).
 OK ... this is something very new and interesting .. enjoying our Malay traditional Beef Serunding with Salad. Ummmm .. truly new experienced for me .. papaya .. roasted pumpkin .. coconut and beef serunding in a plate ?

Well .. try it!! It definitely suits the healthy diet person like me. So healthy and I believed its rich in nutrients too. 

 "Baked Chicken Thigh " with Romesco Sauce and Toasted Almonds (RM15.50) 
The special batter makes the chicken very crunchy ...  dip it with the Romesco Sauce. Enjoy every bites. 

Wild Mushroom Wrap (RM26.50)
A wild mushroom wrapped with cherry tomatoes, parmesan, cucumber and some pine nuts .. served with potatoes wedges and small serving of salad ~ suits those who are looking for light but 'tummy filling' meal. I love this!

 "Carbonara with Seaweed Egg" (RM28) in Parmesan Cream with Mushrooms
 and a choice of Beef Bacon or Shredded Chicken
OK .. I am definitely not a fan of Carbonara but tried, tasted and my comment is ... If you are a Carbonara lover, do not forget to try this. With the options of Beef bacon or Shredded Chicken, I would go for Beef Bacon. 

"Macadamia & Salted Caramel Cheesecake Sundae" (RM17.50) the new desert by Delicious ~ Oh Oh its so yummy .. a perfect way to end your time in Delicious. Love! 

Chocolate & Raisin Cheesecake" (RM15)
Just one word ~ Delicious !

So readers and the fan of Delicious *like me*  head over to any Delicious outlet to try these dishes. Its is really Delicious!

For more info, photos and details on promos .. kindly click their website at  http://www.thedeliciousgroup.com or visit their FB PAGE. Thanks Delicious for the Invitation.