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Toy Bank - A Gift of Love Programme at Cheras Leisure Mall

Hello. Hai blog readers.

Its year end.

Whats in your mind? Festive celebration, Year end holiday .. spend more time with 'kesayangan' .. etc .. etc ..

Time flies and soon we are going to say GoodBye to year 2015 and yeahh .. I'm sure everyone is happy. Christmas is around the corner and Malaysia, as a multi-racial country will be celebrating this celebration too.

As we celebrate the season of joy in giving, let us also take some time to remember the children that are less fortunate. Let us find it in our hearts to give them a ray of sunshine, so that they too, will shine bright in the future. 

Cheras LeisureMall celebrates Christmas 2015 with the theme of ‘Christmas From The Heart’. The mall has been transformed into a glimmering wonderland, the celebration bears deeper significance as shoppers and the community are invited to participate in the annual “Toy Bank – A Gift of Love” programme from now until 27th December 2015. This annual charity campaign allows shoppers, well-wishers and generous members of the public to bring smiles to underprivileged children’s faces by fulfilling their wishes. 

To be part of this meaningful cause, we can first pick a card from the wishing tree, select a toy or gift from child’s wish list and then deposit the gift together with the wish card at the Toy Bank located at Ground Floor Concourse. Alternatively, we can also donate household items such as rice, cooking oil, toiletries, canned food, detergent and school books to the homes.

The children from the respective orphanages and charity organizations will be at Cheras LeisureMall on 29 December 2015 to receive the gifts after a fun-filled day at the mall. The recipients for this year include children from Shepherd's Centre Foundation, Trinity Community Children’s Home, Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Tua Dan Kanak-Kanak WP, Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih, Kajang, Bodhi Homecare Cheras, San Pedro Orphanage Home, Rumah Sayangan, Rumah Kanak Kanak Angels, Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Cornerstone, Yayasan Sunbeams Home, Rainbow Home, Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera and Pusat Majudiri Y for the Deaf.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine...” Just as the famous children’s song goes, Cheras LeisureMall encourages everyone to share their little light this Christmas. Christmas can be so much more than a festive holiday. Together, let’s make Christmas a heartwarming season that encompasses great love and joy.

So readers, do not miss the opportunity to share the laughter and joy with the less fortunate children. 

'Tangan Yang Memberi Lebih Baik Dari Menerima' ~ for those who would love to participate in this special programmes, head over to Cheras LeisureMall today till 27th December 2015. A small steps taken that can lighten and bring happiness to the children.

For more information, kindly call 03-9132 2386, visit Cheras LeisureMall https://www.facebook.com/CherasLeisureMall/?ref=ts&fref=ts or email them at  marketing@ppb.com.my for more details.