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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Beautiful Hearts. Tabata Class. Kenduri Kawin. Outdoor exercise.

Hello Blog ..

I missed talking to my own blog. I have not been writing my journal for quite some time. Busy with some many things but still .. I love my blog so much.

Two more days before we say Good Bye to 2015. I am going to miss this fantastic year forever. 

Love, romance, lost, heart feeling, hurt, happiness, sad, achievements .. too many things. I love you 2015. How I wish i do not have to say Good Bye to 2015 .. 2015 comes with lots of tragedy, give me lots of memory .. I will never forget you forever. You have given me bitter sweet memories .. money cant buy experience .. and I hope what I have gone through and learned in 2015 will shape me to a better person .. rolling tears *sobs*

I learned Tabata in 2015. Tabata is not easy .. you need a tough mind and a strong physical/body to undergone it. Tabata Cardio, Tabata Boxing, Tabata Toning .. enjoyed every torturing .. its worth it. Yeahh .. even they said Ella you are so feminine .. you are so soft .. Kak Ella ni lembut sangat .. Ella .. you are so gigirl but yeahh .. that soft hearted girl is fighting. Do your best. Never regret any moment for not delivering your best.

The best gift in life is still love - to love others and to be love by others. Thanks friends and all 'kesayangan' for your tender, loving and care. My life might not be perfect but what you gave me are just 'undescribe' .. I enjoyed every moment .. doesn't matter whether it is good or bad. Every single moment is a lesson. I am so grateful for what i have gone through today. 

Me and Sarah my niece during one of the 'Kenduri'

2015 ~ I lost my beloved father .. a special man who raised me up for 36 years. Thanks Dad for those wonderful years. Rest In Peace .. my heart and pray are always with you .. not even a minute in my life i forget you, Dad *sobs*

2015 also my family received 3 new members. Alhamdulillah. Romance, love, lost ~ 2015 is definitely a year to be remembered.

Another gift from a beloved friend - This is "Fatt chai" .. means prosperity. Thanks Friend.

I love Intelligent Talk ~ Returned to Sg Buloh Country Resort and met Umibaizurah, my best friend. We have not seen each other since April 2015 .. both were busy. I was attached with with lots of project .. she was busy with lots of shows .. most are international show. Umibaizurah is a Sculpture Artist. Her artwork has been recognised worldwide ~ She toured the whole world with her art.

Happiness is being surrounded with those who share the same interest and hobbies ~ My dance friends .. we hit the dance floor minimum 3 times per week. We want to be strong and healthy. Good job Strong woman .. Keep on moving and rocking the dance floor in 2016, with one mission - To be stronger and healthier.

Cant get enough of each other so we met again ~ among the questions are ... Kak Ella why is your face so tight and firm? Just a simple answer ~ Take care of yourself very well. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, think positive, be happy. I believe that beauty are from within .. you dont need a heavy make up to be beautiful .. what you need is a beautiful heart. I thank God for providing me with a beautiful heart. My heart broken a few times .. but it is still beautiful and in a good shape. My heart was hurt by others .. but nevertheless it does not stop me for being good to them .. Spread love not hate. I dont keep 'black dots' in my heart. 

Sunday morning with the green ~ From Sg Buloh to Shah Alam .. We jogged, we talked .. take picture, laughed together ~ with my girlfriend Kak Yun.

Kak Yun cakap Ella dah kurus. Ohhh ye? Sebab dah kurus i nak pandang atas lah .. and we laughed. I memang 'fun' and kelakar .. life with me wont be boring .. I bet you.

Old picture ~ Taken during supporting Umibaizurah's show in Perdana Botanical Garden, KL.

When you leave someone, bring only the good memories with you .. leave the bad one behind. Kenanglah kebaikan seseorang itu .. lupakan keburukan dia. Human are the most beautiful creations by God that come with good and bad. Yang baik kita jadikan kenangan .. yang buruk kita lupakan. Each and everyone of us are special. No hate, ok.

Another gift ~ all the way from Jordan by my friend Ala. Thanks for always remember that I love this delicious Pistachio Halva from Middle East. This is the 3rd pistachio halva from him. Thanks friend. I appreciate your thought.

Lepak sorang-sorang kat Mosano Coffee, Damansara Perdana - my favourite place for 'hiding' and coffee. This is a very nice place  - Free Wi-Fi, privacy, good coffee, discounts on next visit and they treat me like VIP. Hehe.

Yes .. that is just me. I am so grateful for what God gave me. God fills me with love .. so much love till I love each everyone that are close to me. Love has no boundaries .. you can love anyone doesn't matter what their races, ages and religions are .. as long as you have a beautiful heart and you appreciate them in your life. Some call  me 'Miracle' .. some call me 'Angel' .. but most of them say I am different. Note to my ownselff ~ Be good to others Ella. Always be good. Even when the whole world is bad you have to be good. its not a fool or waste of time to be good to others but it added values to your life. 

OK I'm done chatting to my blog. Last Wednesday for 2015 .. do your best today. Thanks for reading. Byeee.