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Starhill Gallery's Christmas Charity Drive Activation with Ms. Carly Paoli

Hello readers,

The Dignity for Children Foundation ( Dignity), a learning centre with 1,000 poor and  vulnerable children age 2 to 17 years old, today received a strong endorsements from British mezzo-soprano Ms. Carly Paoli and Starhill Gallery as part of Starhill Gallery's Christmas Charity Drive.

Starhill Gallery's Christmas Charity Drive, a campaign held at the Starhill Gallery aim to raise awareness of the Foundation and harness the spirit of giving. 


Ms. Carly Paoli who is a UNICEF Ambassador and one of the most talented singers rising fast in the world of Classical music. Having performed in a string of high profile events including her recent performance at the Caracalla for UNICEF concert in Rome, Italy with the legenday Jose Tourism and Culture Gala Night : watch and Jewellery of the Year Awards Presentation alongside Italian tenor Alessandro Safi. Ms. Carly Paoli during her speech said that it is a priviledge for her for being able to support an Organisation like Dignity for Children Foundation and look forward to seeing more individuals who come out with this great programme and other similar organisation's efforts around the world.

*photo credit to Sidney Kan's Fb*
Carly Paoli activated the Christmas ferris-wheel during the Christmas Charity Drive activation at Starhill Gallery.

*photo credit to Sidney Kan's Fb* 
During the launched, Ms. Carly Paoli also gave away gifts to 30 children from Dignity who were present at the Ceremony. The gifts to fulfill the children's wishes were generously donated by Starhill Gallery and its esteemed tenants, namely Bedat & Co, Carrera y Carrera, Cecil Purnell, Cortina, Garrard & Co, Gubelin, Hermes and Mouawad.

*photo credit to Sidney Kan's Fb*
Ms. Carly Paoli also did a special performance during the launched, mesmerised the children and everyone in attendance at Newens Tea House.

The children from the Dignity for Children Foundation (Dignity) and other guests were then treated with a lovely afternoon at Newens Tea House enjoyed amidst the festive sounds of Christmas carollers.

Patrons of Starhill Gallery are invited to participate in the Starhill Gallery's Christmas Charity Drive by visiting the Christmas Tree located next to the Starhill Gallery's  Concierge at Indulge Floor. Patrons may pick from the Christmas tree, wish-cards of the children from Dignity so that they chan help to purchase the gifts for them. The gifts are then to be passed on to the Starhill Gallery's Concierge by 18 December 2015. Starhill Gallery will then deliver the gifts to the Foundation before Christmas to ensure that the children end the year on a high note.

The month-long Christmas Charity Drive is part of the Starhill Gallery's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative under the YTL Group's objective to grow and nurture the potential of Malaysia's future generation of achievers. These haven been carried out through various programmes which include engaging and supporting local community groups, social institutions and non-profit organisations as well as supporting educational initiatives to develop future generations of leaders.