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Berbuka Puasa Selera Kampung At Impiana Hotel, Ipoh

Hello readers ..

Another 'Buka Puasa' review specially brought to you by my 'Dari Jari-Jari Halusku'.

It is Impiana Hotel, Ipoh readers. This Ramadan, The Coffee House at Impiana Hotel Ipoh is delighted to once again host a feast of local 'kampong' cuisine for its “Berbuka Puasa Selera Kampung” buffet promotion.

Once you step into the hotel in this month of Ramadan, you will be greeted with a heart warming environment as the hotel decoration brings you to 'A Walk Down Memory Lane'

Those decoration items that reminded me on my childhood moment .. 'Snake and Ladder, Belon tiup, Donkey card game  *so nostalgic!*

Diners at the Coffee house, will be entertain by a traditional Ghazal live band with vocalist, consisting of Gendang and Gambus. The magnificient melody will enchant you to a soothing, and relaxing evening while breaking fast.

Buka Puasa Selera Kampung at Impiana Hotel, Ipoh buffet are spread over to two different section ~ The Coffee House and Garden Terrace. Get ready to spoil by choices as the team of skilled chef of Impiana Hotel Ipoh has prepared a spectacular array of more than 100 must-have buka puasa dishes.

The main dishes served in the Coffee house. I love the traditional taste of the Asam Pedas and the Sayur Kacang Goreng with Hati (Liver). Reminded me on those days .. not too much if i called it "Masak cara orang lama" .. thats how the older generation cooked .. *ohhh sangat nostalgia*

Pasembur ..

In line with the 'Selera Kampung' theme ~ Ulam-ulam kampung with eight types of sambal, jeruk-jeruk with a selection of kerabu (local salad), assorted crackers with sauces and the signature Ramadan dish, wholesome bubur lambuk will be serve too

Another interesting corner at the Buffet spread ~ ohmy .. this reminded me on my childhood times. Coklat tekan, Mamme Monster crackers and Biskut butang  *ishhh .. teringat zaman kecik dulu*

The cold drink and 'Air Batu Campur @ Ice Kacang' corner. They served Kurma Juice too .. do not forget to try!

Aiskrim Malaysia anyone?

Relish in a cozy and warm 'kampung ambience' at the Garden Terrace as there are 6  food stalls and four buffet displays to browse through and savour your favourite Ramadan delights.

Lamb lovers can savour in this year’s new addition to the local fare which is The Ghuzzi Gosht whole Roast Lamb, specially prepared by Chef Malik Muhammad Amin Sahar. The tender lamb is marinated with special herbs from India and roasted to perfection for 5 hours. Perfectly marinated and roasted, this soft, juicy and fresh Ghuzzi Gosht Roast Lamb is NOT TO BE MISS!

For a perfect pairing, enjoy it with Biryani Damruzz which was originated from Northern India and it was introduced to the Middle East. A totally different taste from our local Briyani, a plate of this flavourful rice is a MUST TRY!

Buffet highlights include the authentic 'Perakian' dish. Being a Kuala Lumpur born girl with Perak is my mother's hometown, Rendang Tok is one of our favourite .. too bad mom do not know how to prepare this Perak traditional Rendang, a very tasteful Rendang prepared using a traditional ingredients and recipe .. I enjoyed every bites!

The Patin Masak Tempoyak with the tempoyak made from the kitchen of the Impiana Hotel was nice too.

I am definitely not a fan of Malay soup but this Oxtail soup (soup gear box) which is also part of the highlight of the buffet spread 'memang boleh layan' .

I did not detect any MSG use

The varieties of 'Ikan Bakar' ~ Ikan Pari, Ikan Tilapia, Ikan Kembung and Cencaru. My choice was my favourite Pari.

Accompanied with varieties of Special sauce or 'Cicah' served in this special labu. So traditional!

So that is the lovely 'Air Asam' that I enjoyed so much. And what I love more is the 'traditional' touch given on the presentation .. unique and creative!

In addition, there will be local favourites such as the mouth-watering Ayam Percik, sweet and sour prawn, murtabak, Assam Laksa, famous mee rebus, wok-fried char keow teow, ketupat, lemang and nasi impit with beef and serunding.

Another stall that caught my attention is the Live Cooking stall of 'gorengan' .. serving Banana, Cempedak, Keropok Lekor and the best Cucur Udang in Ipoh.

Ehemmm .. that was my second plate of Cucur Udang. Soft, crunchy, fluffy .. I just cant stop 'munching' it

And for the grand finale, Impiana Hotel Ipoh introduces the ‘King’ of Fruits - The Durian Extravaganza at The Deli. This Ramadhan, the restaurant is a ‘Durian friendly’ hotel where durians will be served in-door.

Its first come first serve basis guys .. grab it fast or 'gigit jari'

Not only guests will be able to enjoy the tasty and aromatic fruit on its own, the Pastry Chef will be preparing 8 to 10 varieties of Durian flavoured pastries and desserts such as Durian puffs, tarts, bubur kacang, crepe, muffin, cookies, serawa Durian, cakes as well as cendol pulut for all the Durian lovers out there!

That was what my plate .. *I tried all . hehe*

The pancake durian served with serawa durian was simply perfect. Macam masakan mak i kat rumah lah serawa durian tu. Sedap sangat! and the Durian custard with plum topping ?? Well .. that was my first experience. Not bad!

To add more fun and colours to your Buka Puasa here, there will be a special appearance by the hotel staffs distributing the 'Aiskrim Malaysia' and the Ipoh signature 'Kacang Putih' .. 

A truly fun experienced for a family and kids when they were greeted by a sound of a 'bell ring' while berbuka puasa. Aiskrim .. aiskrim .. kacang putih?

Another good news is .. All diners are entitled for lucky draw participation when they dine at The Coffee House during the Ramadan buffet promotion. Diners stand a chance to win lots of attractive prizes including a 4 days 3 nights Package to Bali, Indonesia (yes, it is inclusive of flight tickets and accommodation for 2)! For guests’ convenience, prayer room is available on 1st floor for Maghrib, Isya’ and Tarawih prayers.

The Impiana Hotel Ipoh’s ‘Berbuka Puasa Selera Kampung’ Ramadhan buffet is available daily from 7.00pm to 10.30pm from 7th June to 5th July 2016. Priced at RM68nett per person for adults and RM34nett per person for children between six to twelve years old and seniors of 60 years and above. AMBANK, CIMB cardholders and Maxis Rewards Customers will also enjoy a special discount. For guests preferring to host their own private ‘Buka Puasa’ gathering, a selection of menus starting from RM50nett per person for a minimum of 50 people are available for your choices.

Please call 05-255 5555 or visit Impiana Hotel Ipoh website at www.impiana.com for more information or reservation. Follow their Facebook page  here for more updates and promotions or  Email : fay.chiam@impiana.com / sookyan.chan@impiana.com

With Fay and Chef Sariman of the Impiana Hotel, Ipoh.

All in .. all in .. we had a great time Berbuka Puasa with Selera Kampung at Impiana Hotel, Ipoh. Good food, nice ambience, great service. Thank You Impiana Hotel Ipoh for having us. So for the residents of Ipoh and 'kawasan-kawasan sekitarnya' *i met diners from Tanjung Malim too* if you are looking for a truly kampung taste food with a traditional set-up, do not miss the opportunity to Berbuka Puasa either with your family or business associate at Impiana Hotel Ipoh. RM68nett for more than 100 selection of dishes .. huge savings for your pocket, guys!