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TRANSFORMERS Generation Combiner Wars by Hasbro Toy Malaysia

Hello. It's TRANSFORMERS toys  readers ..

Aiman has a TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars (Victorion) Series Pack to play with and he was so excited.

A box of TRANSFORMERS  - Combiner Wars Victorion Toy for him to play with.

In the Combiner Wars, teams of Autobots and Decepticons combine into a giant super robots and battle with the fate of worlds in the balance.

When it's time to stand tall, the team combines to form Victorion, the most relentless and resourceful Combiner. 

The 6 Rust Renegades figures  that combine to form a Victorion Combiner figure are :-

Pyra Magna, Dust Up, Jumpstream, Skyburst, Stormclash and Rust Dust.

Unboxing it and tadaaaa .. How do we change these figure to a Robot? Interesting!

He felt curious at the first time. Like .. How? Is it difficult?

Some figures has 18 steps .. some has less and he became more excited to play with it.

He quickly learned and started to explore. 

The first challenge was to change the Voyager Class Pyra Magna to become the torso

With the help of the poster attached in the box, he managed to change the Pyra Magna truck to robot mode. He became excited and found it interesting! 

Then it is the time to change Dust Up into a robot .. 11 steps to go

He made it .. by this time he said .. Mom, it is so friendly .. all parts can be easily transformed but I pheww ... I still have 4 more figures to form before they are ready for a Combiner Wars battle.

The third challenge was to change the Jumpstream car to a Robot

And he made it too

Then it was Stormclash turn. Changing this helicopter to a robot  .. Wow!

And he was so happy that he made it!

When it came to the Skyburst turn which is the Stormclash twin, he found it Easy .. repeating the 12 steps of Stormclash with slight changes

And tadaaa .. the robot is similar but has subtle differences

His last task was to change the Legend Class Rust Dust figure to become Combiner armor. He was so excited to see the result!

And he was happy that he made it too

In summary, this is what he has done from the beginning .. changing the 6 figures into the autobots

The result ~ He managed to form a group of TRANSFORMERS autobots which are ready for a battle in the TRANSFORMERS world. The 6 Rust Renegades figures are now ready for a bigger battle by combining themselves together to become a giant super robot. With the combination, they are stronger and ready for the Combiner Wars battle.

Each autobots is combined into each other. 

And that is the result ~ A giant super robot by the name of Victorion. The Deluxe Class Dust Up, Jumpstream, Skyburst, and Stormclash figures form the arms and legs. The helicopter twins Skyburst and Stormclash make Victorion the only Combiner able to fly. Victorion is a rentless, resourceful combiner who always finds a way to bring down her targets. She has an extreme adaptability making her the only Combiner who can change her configuration to meet any challenge.  

Yeah .. that is the strong Victorion made of 6 rust renegades figures. Interesting, right!

All in .. Aiman had a fun time challenging himself to form the six figures to become a robot and to combine the robots into a giant Combiner robot called Victorion. He believed with all the capability Victorion has, she is very strong and will be able to face all the challenges in the battle. 

Changing the figures into a robot is challenging and fun but what he need more is focus. All parts are friendly to him .. easily transformed but what more important is to think and focus. Fortunately the TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars (Victorion) Collection Pack come complete with a poster, collector card and instructions. 

This Combiner Wars (Victorion) collection pack is suitable for anyone from the age of 8+ and above. Well, not only kids, it has a fans from any ages including adult too *like Aiman .. hehe*

More information about TRANSFORMERS toy collection can be found here.