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PUMA Night Run 2016

Hello readers .. fitness enthusiast, to be exact and also 'Kaki-kaki suka berlari' .. this news is for you.

PUMA Night Run 2016 is back for three (3) consecutive years and it is just 2 months away!

Guess what? Well .. I have registered myself for this 10km Night Run and are now busy preparing myself for the run. Apart of the steps taken was the Ramadan Fit Challenge which include my night run.

PUMA Night Run 2016 will take place on 20th August 2016 at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam, from 5pm to 11pm. Over 8,500 participants have registered as at todate and if you are not .. below are five (5) reasons why you should join us :-

Invigorating run into the night ~ If you hate running in the hot weather *like me* rest assured that won't be a problem here. This is the first time PUMA Night Run 2016 is being held at the Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam  so you are in for exciting experience running through the streets of Shah Alam. Run with the refreshing cool night air is definitely better than running under the hot sun. It will definitely help you to breeze through the finish line.

Spot some familiar faces ~ Other than running with your friends or your loved one, challenge your to spot number of celebrities at the Night Run this year as many local celebrities and PUMA friends are joining the run this year. Most of them already prepping hard to dock in their personal best! Do not forget to LIKE PUMA Night Run Facebook page here as they will bring you the latest updates.

*look at the pic above ~ you might be warming up your body next to the celebrity. Spot them! Make sure you wefie with them too *hehe*

Fun activities at the PUMA Village ~ Not only run, have fun at the PUMA Village playground. Lots of fun activities, exciting games and challenges awaits you. You will also get the chance to 'ignite' the runner in you with the exclusive trial of the soon-to-be released, PUMA Ignite Dual!

Amazing After Party ~ There is more than PUMA Night Run then the run itself! Funny man Phat Fabes and the fabulous Melissa T'hng will keep the party alive with lots of laughter while Malaysia's Top Pop Punk Band, An Honest Mistake are also set to rock the stage to give you a night to remember! PUMA Night Run 2016 is a perfect place not only for you to run but also to get yourselves entertained!

The Fireworks ~ End the night with some fireworks display. Well  .. who doesn't love fireworks, right? PUMA Night Run 2016 will give you a perfect end to a perfect night with some brilliant fireworks display .. making your epic night of running and having fun complete as you will be watching the fireworks beautifully light up the dark skies .. making it a picture perfect moment for you and your partner.

So, for those of you who have not register for the Run, why wait? Puma Night Run 2016 is a 10km Run which is open for all of you at the price of RM85 only (inclusive GST). Mark your calender, tag your friends along and register now at www.puma-nightrun.com.my and Do not forget to LIKE PUMA Night Run 2016 Official Facebook Page here.

For those of you who have registered .. lets get excited together. See you there as I will be running too. Meanwhile .. training Ella .. training .. lets run more *hehe*