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Bersahur dan Berbuka Puasa with Zespri Kiwi Share-A-Meal

Bersahur dan Berbuka Puasa with the nutrient packed Zespri KiwiFruit ~ the main subject of this entry. Lets read on to know more, readers.

In conjunction with Ramadan, Zespri Kiwi launched Zespri Share-A-Meal Campaign and as a Kiwi lover, dah tentu lah Misz-ella tak mau ketinggalan menyokong Kempen ini.

Zespri Kiwifruit is my favourite. I always feel good and love Kiwi. Either gold or green, I love both and when I discover KiwiFruit help during fasting, I was more than happy.

How can Kiwifruit help those fasting?

Indigestion problem
We might have indigestion problem during fasting, right. Well, I sometimes have the same problem too. Indigestion happened when we overeat (especially during berbuka). To avoid indigestion, we should not overeat and drink plenty of water.

Kiwifruit, which is rich in fiber, can help neutralise acidity and promote a feeling of fullness which help us to prevent overeating. Kiwifruit also contain Actinidin, a natural enzyme that aids in the digestion of food protein of dairy, meat and legume source. With this, Kiwifruit helps in our diet too. No overeating problem with Kiwifruit. Good hah.

Our body might have dehydration problem during fasting due to inability to drink fluids. Dehydration will result in loss of important minerals from our body, causing one to feel lethargic, disorientated and can cause muscle cramp too.

One good way to replenish fluids and combat dehydration is to drink at least 8 cups of water and consume food that have high water content such as vegetables, fruits and soupy dishes. Kiwifruit is succulently juicy and a good choice of fruit to add to your variety of foods to consume during Ramadan. Kiwifruit also contains natural source of potassium and calcium - nutrients that help to combat the effects of dehydration.

Another common problem during fasting month is constipation. Yeahh .. it is caused by lack of fluid and fibre which caused the slow movement of stool through the colon. Kiwifruit is high in fibre. Including kiwifruit as part of your dietary meal during the fasting month, help to increase the fibre intake and overcome the constipation problem.

Low Blood Pressure and Lethargy
Lethargy is the most common problem during fast, caused by lack of fluid and food for an extended period of time. This results in the feeling of weakness, tiredness, and lack of energy, dizziness especially during getting up from a laying or sitting position, a pale appearance and feeling paint.

To overcome this problem, it is suggested that we take food with low glycemix index (GI) in which the carbohydrate are slowly digested and absorbed, resulting in a gradual rise in plasma glucose. Zespri Green Kiwi has a GI of 38 and Zespri Gold Kiwi has a GI of 39. During indigestion, the fibre in kiwifruit swells four times its original volume, which increases viscosity and mixing of smaller molecules such as glucose in the stomach. This slowing the glucose uptake during digestion and thus reduce hunger in between meals. 

Kiwifruit is also rich in Vitamin C. Both Zespri SunGod Green Kiwifruit contains 160mg and 85mg Vitamin C per 100gm of edible flesh. One piece of Zespri Kiwifruit is enough to provide you with your daily Vitamin C needs. Vitamin C is important to our body as it activate a series of enzyme that improve metabolic energy levels and different neurochemicals in the brain, thus reduce the sensation of fatigue and increase physical and mental energy. Wow .. how important is Vitamin C for our body,right.slow movement of stool through the colon. As a result, the stool hardens and dries up, making it too difficult to expel and gets retained in the digestiv
With all the benefits that Kiwifruit has, it is recommended to add it on to our Ramadan meal plan *which i do not know before .. I thought the Vit C in any fruits are not suitable to be taken during fasting .. Thanks fo this Campaign* and as Ramadan is so synonym with dates, why not trying to prepare a nice smoothie by combining both Kiwi and dates together. A perfect combination, right.

Back to the Zespri Ramadan Share-A-Meal Campaign, that was the meal box sent to my house recently. A set of grilled fish with mash potato and pomegranate complete with Tartar Sauce and salad. Delicious!

The set meal came with a bottle of Kiwi Juice, making it a perfect balanced diet meal that satisfy my hungry tummy

In this Campaign, I get the opportunity to nominate another friend to share the meal with and I decided to share this delicious full of nutrition meal with my sister, Zaimah.

So readers, you can take part in this Campaign too by sharing the meal with your loved one. Visit http://zesprishareakiwi.com/ to participate and view more tips and recipes for a healthier you. Ada banyak resepi-resepi menarik like Quesadillas, Kiwi Smoothie, Kiwi Overnight Oats and lots of healthy tips! Check it out, k.