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Set Cucur Udang di Impiana Hotel, Ipoh

Salam Ramadan readers ..

Ini entry makanan. Bila tengok entry makanan di bulan Ramadan, sila lah bertabah ye wahai Iman. Hehe.

Remember I went to Ipoh to visit my friend Selina on May? Click here if you want to refresh your memory on my visit to Ipoh. During the visit, I stayed in Impiana Hotel Ipoh and was served with Cucur Udang, which is the Hotel's signature food.

The Cucur Udang set, which is priced at RM12.00 nett come with Tea Tarik or Coffee Tarik. Served during Hi-Tea and available for Take Away or Dine In.

Sedap, rangup dan gebu. Tiada rasa MSG.

On 25th- 29th April 2016, Impiana Hotel Ipoh, did a Cucur Udang Giveaway Campaign.  This 5 days Campaign received a very good response from the public. 200 packets of Free pack of Cucur Udang was given out per day on first come first served basis. Yahh .. now I know why .. simply because it is delicious. Really taste home made and to be honest, Misz-ella pun tak pandai buat Cucur Udang sesedap dan segebu itu. Ummmm .. rindulah! Rasa nak berpuasa kat Ipoh je Misz-ella ni tiba-tiba. Hehe.

Visit Hotel Impiana Ipoh website or Like Impiana Hotel, Ipoh here for more information and photos or call 05-255 5555 for Cucur Udang order.