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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

A Crazy Day at the Gym

Another crazy day at the Gym.

Yes that was a real crazy afternoon where me, Aiman and my best friend Leoniel Dg spent our time at the Gym and workout  together.

The best thing in life is to have a friend with the same interest. So sesekali kita ber workout sama-sama. Muka fresh sebelum workout. 

The exercise started with a lot of Circuit training routine which we did 'secara berselang seli' Mula-mula Leoniel, then Aiman last baru Misz-ella. 50 times squat, Russian twist, Plank elbow, Dumbell squat 30 times, Sit Up, Leg Raise, Pull up. Phewwwww .. menitis peluh akak tau.

One of the hardest is Jump up and down on the box. The box was supposed to be higher (combination of the red and green) tapi Misz-ella cakap 'What? You are crazy? That is too high for me. NO WAY!! 
Hahahahaha .. mana nak cari anak murid yang boleh tegur Coach, kan. So we split the box into 2. Misz-ella lompat atas Box rendah tu je. Aiman dan Leoniel lompat atas box yang merah tu secara berselang seli. Ko naik aku turun. Ko turun aku naik.

This is something new for Aiman tapi .. Apa yang penting Kesungguhan, Galakan dari teman-teman dan Kerjasama, kan.

The next challenging workout was the 80kg Tyre Challenge. Lift and push the tyre, lompat dalam tyre tu dan keluar balik. The boys did 10 reps me did 5 reps only. Seriously, Misz-ella tak pernah terfikir I can lift and push that 80kg tyre. Tapi kalau tak cuba tak tau, kan. Thanks again to Leoniel Dg for the push and encouragement. 

Leoniel is a very strong man. He can do a lot of workout which others can't. Kena kuat dan bertenaga. Entah bila Misz-ella boleh buat benda macam ni.

I love exercise so much. Exercise is my lifestyle and I am happy Aiman is following my steps now .. he is now a Fitness addict. Buat orang yang bersenam, sakit-sakit badan itu perkara biasa kerana sakit itu datang dengan nikmat selepas nya ~ badan lebih sihat dan kuat. Sapa la tak nak, kan?

OK. I am done with another Chapter of my exercise diary. A day in a Gym will never go wrong. Thank You Aiman kerana menyahut cabaran mama untuk sama-sama jaga kesihatan and Thanks Leoniel Dg for all the guideance, support and encouragement. And .. The Penalty too!! Misz-ella kena penalty buat 100 kali Mountain Climbers sebab fail masa buat Side Plank (There are three rounds of Plank - Plank Elbow, 2 Side Plank). Nanti kita cerita lagi. ByeBye.