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Nestle Omega Plus Heart Health Challenge

Hello Hai Lovely readers ..

Hari ni nak cerita tentang Health. Heart Health is very important. Our heart is the engine for our body. Kalau jantung sihat, maka sihat lah tubuh badan kita. Kalau dah tak sihat, maka haruslah kita merawatnya.

I have shared a few tips on how to get a healthier heart. There is no other way other than taking care of yourself. Show some love on yourself by practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking two cups of milk per day  and walk 15 minutes per day to lower down your cholesterol level are some of the move that you can do in order to take care of your heart.

 On my side, I have started implementing a healthier life by taking care of myself .. I love my heart. So taking well care of my lovely heart is a must. A day at the Gym for a healthier heart is a awesome day for me.

I enjoyed travelling. Most of the time I will choose to walk so that I will keep my heart healthy even I am far from the comfort of the gym routine.

Good news for those who has started a healthy lifestyle  .. Nestle Omega Plus through its Save A Heart Campaign would like to reward you for your move towards a healthier heart. This is what you can do :-

By participating in this Challenge, not only you are taking care of your good heart but you are sharing a healthy and positive vibes with your friends too and ... Stand a Chance to Win a *Surprise Gift* from NESTLÉ® OMEGA PLUS®! So start taking care of your heart today.

*limited to the first 150 participants only*

So readers .. jangan tunggu. Jom sertai 'Challenge' ini.