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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Rahsia Awet Muda Misz-ella

Bila ditanya apa yang diamalkan oleh Misz-ella supaya kekal awet muda di umur 43 dan anak pun dah besar, Misz-ella sebenarnya tak ada petua atau amalan khusus untuk itu semua.

But I believed beauty is skin deep. Too deep. It is more than just choosing the right skin care or a thick beautiful make up .. it comes from your inside too.

Yes. We faced challenges in life and my life wasn't easy too *sobs .. sobs *cry* but then I realised that those challenges are money cant buy experienced and shaped me to a better person. I reviewed every chapter identifying every strength and weakness of each challenge and turn it to a positive mode.

I de-stress as much as I can ~ I dance, I talked, I exercise, I laughed .. I changed and killed those stresses through a healthier way as I dont like in keeping a black dots in my heart. I cleared and cleaned my heart everyday. Mana ada hidup yang tak ada masalah? By the end of the day it is about how you managed it and I believed with choices in life. Your life is in your hands. You decide. You set the goal and you go to the direction with pride.

I believed that our inner strength is very important. Our inner strength control our emotions. Though it is not easy to keep our emotions positive all the times but I believed we have the power to control our emotion and mind with our strong beautiful heart and I Thank God for giving me that piece of beautiful heart. Semoga Allah kekalkan ketenangan hati *walau ribut melanda hidup kita* lapangkan dada dan fikiran kita agar sentiasa kuat dalam menangani cabaran kehidupan.

And lastly .. Hakuna Matata! Be positive always and happy. Life Easy. Dont Make It Complicated ~ Itu rahsia awet muda Misz-ella sebenarnya.