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Newly refurbished iPhone 5S and Lenovo Notebook by CompAsia

Hello readers ..

This entry is about my newly refurbished gadget which are my 'working companion' for the past few months.

Two main compulsory gadget in each blogger's daily working diary are definitely a good condition smartphone and a Computer *could be a laptop, netbook or a desk top .. whichever is convenient to you*

Remember my Entry about the Gadgets refurbishment company known as CompAsia? Read this entry to refresh your memory, readers *In case if you have forgotten about it*

Well .. as finding a good refurbished gadgets can be difficult and not easy, I decided to give CompAsia a try and there you are .. my 'newly' refurbished iPhone 5S from CompAsia.

Unboxing my newly refurbished iPhone 5s from CompAsia

The iPhone 5s come in a box complete with the charger

The phone is like new ~ no scratch, not dented (Grade A)

The touchscreen are working very well

It has been a few months since I started using the iPhone 5S from CompAsia. My iPhone 5s are still in a good condition *like new*
  • Charging process are fast
  • All ios system are working very well
  • The quality of the photos/video taken using this phone are awesome!

Other than that, I also tried the Newly Refurbished Lenovo Notebook ~ also by CompAsia. The newly refurbished Lenovo Notebook come in  a package .. Complete with the bag and the Charger.

Well .. there is nothing much complaint about this gadget. The Charging process are fast. Keyboard are functioning very well and the battery last for 2 hours .. just like a new Notebook and Yeahh this Entry is done using the Lenovo Notebook by CompAsia. 

Reasons why you should buy the refurbished gadget from CompAsia:-
  • CompAsia products are professionally refurbished, tested and repackage
  • All product by CompAsia come with 1 year Warranty
  • The Warranty can be extended to 2nd and 3rd year
  • 7 days Return Policy ~ If you are not happy with your purchased, you can return the products to CompAsia in 7 days
  • All refurbished phone by CompAsia are equipped with 'Phone Guard" whereby all phone come with Free 1 Year Screen Protection program.
  • Fast Shipping ~ Your order will be treated as 'SPECIAL' and will be shipped out within 3 working days
  • All refurbished product by CompAsia are from the Authentic Source.
  • CompAsia use product that adhere to U.S. Department of Defence optimal standard of data cleansing
Well, since I have tried two newly refurbished products by CompAsia, I strongly suggest you guys join me too. With CompAsia, not only we can own our dream gadget at an affordable price, but we will be happy with the 'After sale service' /warranty provided too.

And if you are a nature lover *like me* please be proud of yourself as we are contributing towards a healthier environment by supporting the newly refurbished gadget. Gadget Never End with CompAsia, remember? CompAsia changed our relationship status with gadget from 'Its Complicated' to 'Forever Together'

So readers, if you are looking for a newly refurbished gadget, do not forget to visit CompAsia website at https://www.comp-asia.com/ or visit their Facebook page here. Get ready to spoil by choices while enjoying the huge savings *wallet very happy lah*


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