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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Vietjet bring funs to the sky - Let explore The Unearthing Vietnamese Treasure

Hello hai readers ..

Remember my posting about Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, especially. My favourite city for shopping Muslimah's outfit, tudung and most famous among us and my blog reader is the high quality cotton.

Good news is now Vietjet has added more funs to the sky to enable us to enjoy the unearthing Vietnamese treasure, not only to Ho Chi Minh City but to other destination in Vietnam. So readers, today sharing is about The Unearthing Vietnamese Treasure. Jom baca entry ini dari mula sampai habis to find out more. 

There are many reasons why Vietnam has been one of the favourite tourist destinations in Asia for so many years. A country filled with breathtaking natural beauty, unique heritage, rich history and mouth-watering cuisine *ohh yess .. I missed Vietnamese food*, Vietnam has much to offer any tourist who decides to visit her. 

Here, we highlight three must-see destinations in Vietnam:

Vietnam’s capital city has undergone rapid transformations in recent decades. Considered one of the most beautiful of the colonial Indochinese cities, Hanoi is a combination of old-world charm and modern developments brought on by its recent surge in tourism.

The motorbike-filled streets of Hanoi have much to offer for visitors, from lovely parks and museums to street side restaurants and world-class coffee. Traces of the city’s French colonial past are still evident in the building architecture, language spoken by the older ‘Hanoians’, and even the French baguettes sold in bakeries. 

I never been to Hanoi but OK .. now I fell in love with it *wishlist added*

Ha Long Bay
The UNESCO World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay is located about 170km east of Hanoi in northern Vietnam. “Ha Long” means “bay of descending dragons” and it is an archipelago made up of 1,969 islands.

The bay is well-known for its scenic ocean karst topography and regarded one of the natural wonders of the world. There are various ways to experience Ha Long Bay, from Bai Chay tourist boats, budget and mid range cruises, or luxury cruises. The more adventurous at heart may also choose to kayak or take a seaplane for more panoramic views.

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the largest city in Vietnam, is often described as a vibrant, dynamic, highly energetic city that has everything a city traveler could hope for – from timeless temples to towering skyscrapers, classy restaurants to unassuming street stalls, the finest hotels to the cheapest guesthouses.

Ho Chi Minh City is always my favourite city. I love watching the culture of the Dai-Viet people, enjoyed walking in the beautiful park in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City admiring the well maintained landscape and big trees, enjoying the HALAL Vietnamese food and yess .. I missed Vietnam Coffee and dont forget, stop for a while for a picture moment at the French colonial architecture building. 

Vietnam are rich with its own treasures. With the introduction of Vietjet’s maiden flight route from Kuala Lumpur to HCMC, now there are even more reasons why Vietnam should be the destination of your upcoming holiday.

To be part of Vietjet’s fun and innovative travel experience, visit www.vietjetair.com or www.m.vietjetair.com (mobile), download the vietjetair app, Like vietjetairvietnam on Facebook or call the airline’s 24/7 call centre at (+603) 2730 9887 or email vietjet@kul.reliancetravel.com.

OK Jom readers. Misz-ella tiba-tiba rindu nak ke Vietnam. Rindu nak makan 'Pho', nak minum Kopi dan nak jalan-jalan kat sana. Lets explore VIetnam with Vietjet.