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Nivea Men First Black & White Pop Up Store in Collaboration with Rizman Ruzaini

Hello lovely readers *waive right hand*

Siapa suka pakai deodorant? Wahhh .. ramai nya yang angkat tangan *I feel you .. even I can't see you .. hehe*

To be honest, Misz-ella tak guna deodorant. Perhaps because I do not have any bad body odour so I dont find it necessary for me. But I am aware that some of you might have a bad experienced while using the deodorant since some deodorants can cause white marks that appear on dark textiles and yellow underarm stains on light-colored fabric which is the result of a chemical reaction between antiperspirant ingredients, sweat and detergent. Sadly, one the damage has been done, it is impossible to restore *ohh my favourite outfit gone .. sobs*

Good news !! NIVEA MEN had recently launched its first ever Black and White pop up store in Malaysia in conjunction with "Dont Stain Your Favourite Outfit Campaign" together with their latest collaboration with high-end fashion house, RIZMAN RUZAINI.

Mr. Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Belersdorf Malaysia and Singapore at the event said that the launched of NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White has raised the brand to another level and they are extremely proud that these NIVEA anti-stain range is the best-selling deodorant in multiple prominent retailers and channels. As the anti-stain expert, NIVEA is pleased to be the key in helping you feel confident, stay fresh and dry whilst keeping your stylish outfits stain-free.  The new NIVEA MEN treats the underarm yellow stains seriously as they compromise one's style and affect one's actions, attitude and self-esteem. Besides providing 3x dryness to prevent yellow stains on clothes, users will be delighted and thankful for NIVEA MEN Invisible for Black & White's unique anti-stain technology. 

Two mega sized Black and White Deodorant Spray and Roll On Mock-ups were erected to catch the public attention at the Fahrenheit 88 outdoor walkway, Bukit Bintang, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.  

The launched of the NIVEA and NIVEA MEN anti-stain range had inspired RIZMAN RUZAINI to design 12 different limited edition black and white street wear designs together with NIVEA MEN. This collaboration embarked another journey for RIZMAN RUZAINI as this is the first time the brand's designed male collections exclusively in collaboration with another brand.

Well, I was among the lucky one to witnessed the 12 different limited edition black and white street wear design as there was a street walk fashion show showcasing the collections during the launched. 

I really enjoyed the Fashion show as most of the collection are very elegant, trendy, modern and practical.

In conjunction with the collaboration and as a gesture of appreciation, loyal NIVEA/NIVEA MEN users will receive a 25% discount voucher for RIZMAN RUZAINI limited edition collections upon purchase of any NIVEA/NIVEA MEN products. The discount voucher can be used at the Fashion Valet's website.

A selfie contest where members of the public stand a chance to win RM100 worth of NIVEA hampers when they snap and post a selfie with the gigantic deodorant at the B&W pop up store with #NIVEAMENBLACKANDWHITE

Along with the Campaign, NIVEA MEN also held a Nationwide Contest from 1st September - 30th September 2016. Participants stand a chance to win up to RM40,000 worth of prizes including RIZMAN RUZAINI's collections with their personalized quote on it. 

NIVEA/NIVEA MEN Deodorant Invisible for Black & White has a refreshing yet mild scent that leaves you fresh and dry upon application. Available in both spray and roll-on applications, the product price range is RM5.50 (25ml roll-on), RM10.50 (50ml roll-on) and RM16.90 (150ml spray). Available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.

So readers *NIVEA/NIVEA MEN users especially* this is definitely a good deal for you .. Just purchase NIVEA/NIVEA MEN products, enter the contest and lets pray for WIN .. WIN AND WIN *Finger cross* and dont forget, you will receive a 25% discount voucher for RIZMAN RUZAINI's limited edition collection *Huge savings for your wallet*

More information about the products, campaign and other promotions are available at www.facebook.com/myniveamen .. Dont forget to check it out!