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Weekend Food Hunting :- the morning after, Jaya One

Hello Readers. Assalamualaikum. Good Morning Monday. Selamat minggu baru. Harap tak haru biru. Me and my bloggers friend was on Food hunt mission over the weekend.  It was suppose to be a Beauty explored weekend but due to some unexpected reason, our plan changed to Food Hunting activity. Whatever .. it doesn't matter to us anyway .. as long as we spend quality time together and We love Food. Food makes us happy. Yeayy!!

Restaurant name :- The Morning After Cafe
Location :- L4-G-2 Palm Square, Jaya One,
 No. 72 Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

The Restaurant looks so cozy from outside. Miera my friend was the one who suggest Why not we try the morning after? OK .. lets go in but before we enter into to the restaurant, Wendy was assign to ask whether Hello .. Is it Halal? And we went in happily.

Spicy Shrimp Aglio Olio
Spicy Shrimp Aglio Olio was ordered by Anne, Miera's daughter. I was a bit doubt about the 'spicyness' level of this Pasta at the beginning. I thot 'mungkin tak berapa pedas sangat kot .. or entah pedas macamana la agaknya ye? Once arrived, Miera tried, Anne tried .. then Misz-ella dengan muka tak malu bertanya .. Can i try? And yesss .. its so delicious. You can feel the 'spicyness' at a very acceptable level. Budak kecik umur 11 tahun pun boleh terima tahap kepedasannya dan aroma Pasta ni sangat wangi .. cukup untuk membangkitkan mood nak makan Pasta ni. The shrimp is fresh too. Recommended!!

Citrusy Salmon
Ordered by my blogger friend, Wendy. There are a few options of Salmon in the Menu list starting from the Starter to the mains and the Salad. I fell in love with the varieties of fruits - Red apple, orange and many more. Wendy finished her meal even earlier she was complaining I donno what to eat .. tak da selera nak makan but this Citrusy Salmon Salad has attracts her appetite and she finished all. 

The Power Packed Omelette
This belong to Miera. She was having a tough time browsing the Menu *me too* and finally her hearts went to The Power Packed Omelette .. served with bread and potato wedges. This is delicious but i feel the omelette tasted more like scramble egg.

Ultimate Lamb
Ultimate Lamb are mine. I was confused at the beginning. The varities of food in the Menu really attracts me. I want this and i want that too. There are many choices of my two favorites - Lamb & Salmon. Few options of lamb in the menu .. finally i chosed Ultimate Lamb .. served with Bagel and Nachos. Sedap lah. Recommended!! Tak rugi i pilih Ultimate Lamb ni. Makan sampai licin ooo ..

The environment inside the Cafe are so relaxing and they provide Free Wi-Fi service to the customer too.

Finally its time to pay. Everyone calculated and came out with the individual cost but surprisingly, the money that we gathered is over so everyone gets refund!! This restaurant doesn't have 10% tax!! 

My Food Hunting partners over the weekend - Miera and Wendy. Would we share and recommend the morning after dining experienced with our readers? Yes and you are reading it now. The food is nice. The service is fast. The waiter served with friendly smile. The food price is reasonable and not so pricey. Its good to be here, the morning after.

Happy face of Miera's daughter Anne at the morning after cafe, last weekend.

Visit the morning after website here for more info. They have a few branches. Probably closer to you so dont forget .. drop by. Misz-ella want to repeat too .. banyak makanan menarik belum try lagi. Tak sabar nak check in at the morning after again. OK Bye readers.


Mona Lea said...

Suka nama restaurant ni The Morning After...

Daddy Ziyyad said...

No tax-- good point.

Portion quite big -- good point.

Ultimate Lamb tu mmg nampak sangat...ultimate! Nak tryyyyyy..

Anis Farhana Aliman said...

ultimate lamb tu mengancam sangat!

Amanda Suria said...

aduhaiii...geramnya tgok semua makanan tu...SA suka Aglio olio tu ha

Tieto Clan said...

Hi, just checking this place halal kan? I really wanna have a try :) my colleagues are suggesting this place.