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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

NuffNang Premiere Screening :- Cinderella - Have Courage. Be Kind.

Hai. Hello Peminat 'Fairy Tale Story' like me .. i have a very good news ... our favorite Cinderella is on the Cinema starting from 12th March 2015 and I was among the lucky blogger who watched the Cinderella Nuffnang Premiere Screening on 11th March at my favorite cinema Tgv 1Utama. Thanks to Blogger Ayue Idris for extending the Invitation. Nuffnang jemput Ayue but she cant go so me and my blogger friend Miriam replaced her.

The Exclusive Pass for the Movie Premiere Screening - Thanks Nuffnang for organising a Slot for their Bloggers.

Pose with my movie partner of that night  ~ Miriam. Photo Courtesy of Miriam's Instagram. We were so excited to 'feeling' Cinderella tonight. Pumpkin .. Prince Charming .. Stepmother .. Fairy God Mother .. Happily Ever After. Wahhh .. tak sabar!!

Dinner before the Movie starts .. I enjoyed moment with this sweet charming Miriam. Suka betul bila dapat keluar dengan dia. Dia comel sangat!

Our Seat No.

Photo from Google

Cinderella .. The British-American romantic fantasy movie. Ahhh sapa tak kenal Cinderella ... antara Kisah Dongeng terkenal dunia yang sangat digemari ramai. The sweetest part dan paling Misz-ella tak tahan ialah in this Movie her real name is Ella. Terkedu sekejap Misz-ella. Haha. Dia anak tunggal yang dibesarkan dengan kasih sayang till one day mak dia meninggalkan dia dan ayahnya untuk selama-lamanya. It was quite bored at the beginning of the movie .. kurang membuai perasaan tapi sedih pilu melanda hati bila Mak Ella meninggal dengan pesanan "Have Courage. Be Kind" ~ A very simple sentence which i believed touch everyones heart. Kata-kata itulah yang dijadikan panduan oleh Ella dalam meneruskan kehidupan. How did she get the name of Cinderella? OK .. that one Misz-ella tak nak cerita .. you got to watch it to find out ya.

The rest of the story remains the same as in the Fairy Tale which we used to listened to during our Childhood time. I love all the magical elements in the movie like how the Fairy God Mother changed the creatures she saw to help Ella's way to the palace. Me and Miriam smiles all the way till the end. Memang best. Memang romantik. Memang menjentik-jentik hati kami. We dont mind to repeat !!

I like Lily James acting as Ella, a very soft, kind-hearted, lonely young lady. She do not have any friend except the rats. Due to her sadness, she ran into the jungle and met Mr. Kit and she like her new friend very much. Ok tu je Misz-ella nak cerita. So now since the School Holiday gonna start early next week, why not we treat our children to this Cinderella movie. Cerita sangat best, ada banyak pengajaran dan moral dalam movie ini, tiada adegan berunsur kedewasaan and suits the whole family. So readers, lets make our way to the Cinema this weekend. Byee.


Alyza Fisol said...

this movie, harus ditonton... :)

Amanda Suria said...

confirm dania akan ajak SA tgok ni....sure punya....

Rawlins GLAM said...

Best kan