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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Time To Enjoy Life ~ LOHAS in Taiwan!!

Among countries in the world, Taiwan adalah salah satu dari negara yang Misz-ella teringin nak pergi. Few years ago .. when i was still working as a Secretary .. zaman di mana internet tidak meluas penggunaannya .. zaman di mana reading newspaper is a must .. i cut a newspaper advertisement on Muslim Travel in Taiwan and start dreaming.  Due to some reasons, my dream to travel to Taiwan remain as a dream .. tak tercapai. So sad .. and suddenly tingggggg .. an alarm clock on Taiwan trip ringing again. Hey Ella its Taiwan calling!!

There are a few reasons that make me so excited to travel to Taiwan. First because of the beautiful nature of Taiwan's itself. People said, if you want to know how beautiful Taiwan is, you have to come and see for yourself. Kedudukan geografi Taiwan yang dikelilingi oleh lautan dan terkenal dengan 'towering mountain' malah mempunyai gunung ganang yang berketinggian melebihi 3000 meter menjadikan Taiwan sebuah negara yang amat menarik untuk dilawati.  Taiwan is also known with its beautiful beaches and being someone who love nature, I would love to visit Taiwan to enjoy the nature and to experience LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) in Taiwan.

LOHAS has become a popular trend in throughout the world as people are begin to be more health and eco-conscious and Taiwan is one of the country which offers us an endless way ... either in Taiwanese way or the oriental way. Taiwan adalah negara yang menjadikan LOHAS sebagai gaya hidup di mana kerajaan Taiwan telah mengambil langkah menjaga alam persekitaran Taiwan agar sentiasa terpelihara dan mengamalkan gaya hidup sihat dalam kehidupan seharian. Taiwan sangat sesuai bagi mereka mengamalkan LOHAS and i am one of it. Imagine on Two wheels in Taiwan ~ either cycling or travel on motobike with a beautiful panoramic view .. breathing a fresh air in Taiwan .. i will stop for a while, enjoying the scenery, taking a beautiful pictures and cant wait to blog about it and share my experienced with the whole world. How beautiful it is, right!

I love nature and would love to be here ~ Witnessing the sunset at North Coast, Taiwan. Omaigodddd ... its so beautiful. I wish my dream to see this beautiful place will become a reality!! Oh pleaseee .. i want to be at this beautiful place in Taiwan.

Imagine Misz-ella and my loved one LOHAS in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan and has this photo at the same spot!! OhMyyy .. i want!! i want!! I want to go for LOHAS in Taiwan!!

The beautiful panorama at Alishan, Taiwan. I really want to see it on myself!!

Cantik, kan pemandangan dan suasana batu-batu di Taroko National Park, Taiwan. Ini adalah antara sebab kenapa Misz-ella mahu ke Taiwan .. kerana 'nature' di sana sangat terpelihara .. kecantikan dan keindahan semulajadi tempat-tempat menarik ini sangat ingin Misz-ella lawati and again i want to have my LOHAS here!! Berbasikal sambil menghayati keindahan alam dan menyedut udara segar di sini *imagine and smile happily*

Ohmaigoddd .. I really want to be in Taiwan .. to visit all the beautiful places in Taiwan while experiencing LOHAS .. berbasikal sambil melihat pemandangan indah, menyedut udara segar, menghayati bunyi alam dan merakam kenangan indah untuk dikongsi dengan pembaca blog Dari Jari-Jari Halusku Ini. Bayangkan bagaimana tenangnya perasaan dan minda tatkala berada di tempat-tempat ini. I can forget the whole world by spending my times here ~ Its a real LOHAS for me  .. and Yess .. In none other place other than in Taiwan.

Other than the high-profile attraction like Sun Moon Lake and Alishan, Taiwan also has a unique small town with tourism appeal and visitor friendly environment which is labelled under Tourism Town. One of the 10 tourism town that i want to visit is Jiji Township in Nantou Country. 

Di Jiji Township, Misz-ella bercadang untuk mengamalkan LOHAS dengan cara berbasikal sekeliling bandar kecil ini sambil menghayati pemandangan alam yang indah dan jauh dari kesibukan bandar besar. Jiji Township sangat memikat .. dari stesyen keretapi bersejarah hinggalah ke landskap yang indah dan udara segar yang sangat segar.  Either board a train or cycling in the town, Jiji surely wins my heart and yess .. its my LOHAS again in Taiwan *i want to experience both .. train and cycling in Jiji* Hehe.

I want to be one of them ~ LOHAS in Taiwan!!

Hot Spring
The other LOHAS way of life which is famous and practised widely in Taiwan is the Spas, the Hot springs, the foot massage, the Yoga, Tai-chi and others. For a health and fitness conscious blogger like me, off course I am all excited to achieve a physical and mental balance after a long cycling ride in Taiwan. I would definitely love to try the Spa or a foot massage so that i can cycle more during my Taiwan's trip. Body fitness + body pampering and a mental balance exercise is definitely a perfect LOHAS in Taiwan for me.


Taiwan is famous with its delicious juicy seasonal fruits. Taiwan is known with its high technology Agriculture method and the fruits in Taiwan are super delicious. I was told that their "Jambu Air" has a super sweet taste like a Sugar Cane. Taiwan is also famous with its icy deserts and creative tea drinks. Well I guess the food in Taiwan will be an added advantage in my LOHAS experience in Taiwan ~ Eat a lot of healthy fruits .. Good for your health .. good for your skin.  Taiwan has all the things that i want for my LOHAS ~ The two wheels .. the spa and the healthy food. I am not worry of getting a Halal Food in Taiwan as there are numbers of Halal Restaurants certified by China Muslim Association either in Taipei, in Taichung City, in Kaohsing or in Taoyuan City. In Taiwan, Muslims will have the opportunity to enjoy not only the local food but also the Morrocon, Indian, Pakistani and Middle East food served by the Halal Restaurant. 

Dengan pemandangan yang indah, dengan udara segar dan alam semulajadi yang terpelihara, dengan LOHAS yang sesuai dengan jiwa saya, dengan pilihan makanan Halal yang beraneka .. this is a reason why i want to Enjoy Life in Taiwan. I would love to go to Taiwan and share my experienced to the whole world especially to my Muslim readers  .. and how about you readers .. with all the beautiful panorama and things to do and enjoy in Taiwan, do you feel the same excitement like me?

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Visit the link for more interesting photos and information about Taiwan and lets get excited together ~ Taiwan is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

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