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Aiman's 20th Birthday

August is a very special month for me and my son Aiman.
20 years ago on August 8, I gave birth to a very cute boy and I named him as Aiman. August 8 is always a special date for me and him.

Belated birthday celebration for Aiman on August 13, 2016. We arrived from Penang at 5:30pm, quickly dropped by at the supermarket to buy some goods, arrived home at 6:15 and started our cooking. 

Lamb Grill ~ As usual, this is my family's favourite. 

Chicken Adobo the Philippines dish prepared by the lovely Bernard, Aiman's best friend. Thank you Bernard for the cooking. 28 pieces of chicken cooked ~ 21 pieces finished on that night, showing how yummy the Adobo's was. 

Sweet dessert of our sweet guests, prepared also by Bernard. Thanks Bernard, you helped me a lot in making the party a success! Thank You.

My sister's and brother's family arrived, had the dinner and pretended like nothing special gonna happen on that night. Suddenly at 9:15pm, Ekin, Aiman's very close friend arrived and was ushered by Amir with balloons and birthday cake. Amir walked in with his Happy Birthday song. Balloons? Ekin? Aiman was shocked! Hahaha it was a real surprised that made him happy that night. We made it, guys! 

Aiman quoted Mommy this is a real surprised. My heart pounding when I saw Ekin. I can't believe my eyes but ... Yahhh .. Ekin with balloons and cakes? Wow!

Happy Birthday Aiman. Your aunties, uncles, grandma and cousins came all the way to celebrate your special day together *eventhough it was a belated celebration*  Our loves are with you, always. And me, as a mother, witnessing all of you raised up together ..loving and supporting each other .. I am blessed! I love you, my 'hip hop family'.  My life wouldn't be easy without your love and support.

Not his first birthday cake, actually. Story on the first celebration will be on the blog, soon.

Sometimes I just cant believe how times flies very fast and changed you from a baby to a boy and a handsome young man at 20's today. Many happy returns my son. May you always be showered with Love. Amin.

*Pic credit to Bernard's FB*
Thank You Bernard for this picture! Priceless moment ~ A quality times with your loves  .. I am one happy mother here. Thank You Ekin and Amir for the well organised surprise and thanks everyone for being part of the surprise party. Terima Kasih. I love you all so much.

OK Dah. Sekian Entry buat kenangan di hari tua kita nanti. Tiap hari kita cipta memori bersama dan Mama titipkannya di sini. Satu hari nanti, bila rindu bertamu, bacalah blog ini. OKBye. Tak nak cakap banyak-banyak nanti aku ter 'emo' di situ *rolling tears* Haha.


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Happy birthday Aiman!!