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Romyda_KL by Selina Yeop Jr and Ning Baizura

Hello readers,

*Pic credit to Selina Yeop Jr's FB*

This is a very beautiful and elegant entry. Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 has ended and I have a new discovery and would love to share it here with my lovely readers. 

This entry is about Romyda_KL, a new label which hit the market since May 2016. Thank You very much to the invitation from Selina Yeop Jr & Ning Baizura that witnessed me made my way to the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016 opening. I am one of the proud audience at the Concourse, Pavilion KL who enjoyed watching the variety stunning collection of Romyda_KL on the runway.

Romyda_KL is a brand that combines the prowess of Romyda Keth, a Cambodian designer with nearly 30 years of experience in her craft, as well as Selina Yeop Jr and Ning Baizura as the Creative Directors of this new label which hit the Malaysian market since May 2016. As a beauty lover, I am all excited to know Romyda_KL more. 

The lovely Selina Yeop Jr and our bestfriend Leoniel Dg

It was fun watching the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 opening with Leoniel Dg, my bestfriend who know me a lot. OK .. this one suits you. Hey Ella .. this is you! Definitely your taste. Tq for your understanding, friend.

And Thank You for the good spot allocated for us. Great view, perfect angle. Our seats were awesome!

Spotted the fabulous Fazura and Kavita Kaur among the crowd. I was impressed with Fazura's knee length dress and was told later that Fazura was wearing one of the Romyda_KL's collection. Wow! Can't wait to see more .. *excited*

The first Romyda_KL's collection which appeared on the runway was the yellowish blouse with the black floral hand painted skirt. I was .. Leoniel .. this is nice! I liked the skirt. Is it one piece or 2 pieces?

And I felt in love with the above yellow dress too. The two tone V-shape collar *I always love V-shape collar dress*, the black, white and yellow geomatric pattern made of overlapping thin strips of fabrics that formed 'a belt', the floral hand painted skirt and look at the sleeves .. Wow .. the designer are just too detail with every inches of the dress. This is my wishlist!

And again! The black dress caught my attention! I love the combination of the 'lively' colours used and the design ~ Simple yet elegant, feminine and Stunning!

Definitely suits those Lady in black and the Lady in red ..

The combination of colours, the waistline design of the 1st dress and the floral print of both dresses .. NICE!

I love the red turtle neck knee length dress. It represents the image of an elegant, feminine, modern, professional career woman and I love the black dress too! 

What do you think about this? ELEGANT! right! *bucket list added* 

The glamorous collection of Romyda_KL on the runway during the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 opening received a big round applaused from the audience. 

And I present you .. The two beautiful ladies behind Romyda_KL ~ the lovely Selina Yeop Jr and our Malaysian favourite Soprano vocal singer Ning Baizura. Thank You for bringing this stunning collections to Malaysia. A beautiful heart definitely know and understand the need of every Malaysian woman ~  to be more beautiful with a piece of elegant yet feminine collections of  Romyda_KL. 

The proud moment. Not only to Selina and Ning but for all of us too. So happy and proud with Romyda_KL.

Wefie with the lovely Amber Chia ~ The most friendly Malaysia super model who always remember me. Always happy to see you at the event, Amber.

A piece with the lovely Ning Baizura, Puan Sri Sandra Lee and my darling BFF, Leoniel Dg

And who do not want to miss the opportunity to wefie with Chef Wan together with Qamal Daud who is also the VIP guests of Romyda_KL

Selina Yeop Jr and Ning Baizura with their esteemed guest, Dato Jimmy Choo. *Pic credit to Selina Yeop Jr's FB*

All in .. all in .. We had a good time enjoying the Romyda_Kl runway debut. We enjoyed every moment and had a great time watching the Romyda_KL collection on the runway. Congratulation Selina Yeop Jr and Ning Baizura. 

The exclusive collection of Romyda_KL definitely suit the need of the modern busy woman in this era who always want to be beautiful and look beautiful. Either knee length or long dress, both collection are simply stunning, elegant and adorable. Everything is handmade and perfectly moulds the feminine form and so 'womanly'. The dresses are wearable in all occasion ~ from the boardroom to the bar, to the party or to an exclusive fine dining dinner. I just can't wait to own a piece *perhaps more* 

Romyda_KL is available at The Conversation Studio at No. 9 Lorong Beluntas 2, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. Customers are encourage to call Selina or Ning at 03-7727 3508 for personalized service.


Ning said...

Tq so much darling Ella For this superb honesty... Am sorry couldnt be there TO meet you today... tq so so much for loving Romyda_KL