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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

PUMA Night Run Clinic. Rockin' my running at Body Rock Gym, Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Hello lovely readers. 

Hello Saturday. Weekend has arrived! Time for you to rest. Yess!!

I just did my 5km non-stop running with a another new record *WOW untuk diri sendiri .. haha* A new running milestones for me. I must Thank Puma Night Run so much for inspiring me to be better day by day.

Running on threadmill with the view of the green and swimming pool. This is Body Rock Gym at Hard Rock Hotel Penang, guys. Yup, I spent my Vitamin Sea Therapy Trip in Penang at the Hard Rock Hotel, the only Malaysia's Rock N Roll hotel. I had a fun 3Days/2Nights stay there. More stories about my rockin' trip will be on the blog, soon. You guys dont forget to check it out, k.

I attended the PUMA Night Run Clinic recently with other blogger friends. When i received the invitation from PUMA, I was excited. An invitation not-to-be-miss. I answered YES and marked my calender.

All set with our PUMA Ignite Dual. 

The leaders of the PUMA Night Running Club. They are the #foreverfaster runners of #pumamalaysia

Focusing on the introduction

*Pic credit to Victor's FB*
We started with Warming up our body

*Pic credit to Victor's FB*
There you go the #foreverfaster runners. 

*Pic credit to Victor's FB*
We were divided into a few groups. Tonight session is the Tempo Run x 5 x 7.

*Pic credit to Victor's FB*
And of course I was in the Tempo Run x 7 group *they called it the most popular group .. haha* Thank you so much Victor for this photo. 

*Pic credit to Victor's FB*
Blogger Miriam in action

*Pic credit to Victor's FB*
Go Aiman .. Go!

*Pic credit to Victor's FB*
Once upon a time, I hate running. But now I know why they run. Yup. I understand now. Thank you PUMA for the Media & KOL's session. The run clinic that I attended was fun and approachable at all level. I learned a lot about running and look forward for more running session. hashtag #ellaisrunning is activated now. LOL!

6 more days for the PUMA Night Run Malaysia 2016. I am a bit nervous at the same time ready for the 10km Run. Doakan saya sihat dan kuat supaya misi saya untuk jadi lebih sihat, cergas dan baik hari demi hari berjaya. OK guys. Got to go. See you in the next entry. Bye.