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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

PUMA NIGHT RUN 2016 ~ Race Day

Hai lovely readers ..

PUMA Night Run 2016 is over and I am proud to say We nailed it. Yeayyy .. I thought I will be suffering *cos that was my first 10km run* but actually NO. It was easy. 

The 10km Route

The event schedule

Misz-ella sampai awal. Pukul 5 petang dah ada di Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam. I was worry too much about the traffic jem, about the parking .. so the earlier is better for me. Akak malas dik nak rebut-rebut dengan orang.

And I met other blogger friends too ~ The lovely Miriam and Ah Bok. Tonight we gonna run together, friends. Yeay !

I went to the Food truck for some 'carbo loading' ~ 3 hours before the flagged-off time

Makan atas padang pun boleh .. tak kesah.. Haha. *photo credit to Henry*

Pic credit to Elana's FB*

Pic credit to Elana's FB*
And then .. more of my 'kesayangan' arrived .. so we wefie. Wohoo!! We are going to rock the run and have fun together!! I was excited!

*Photo credit to Puma Night Run 2016's FB*
The warmed up session. It was fun to have an aerobics warm up session next to my son, Aiman. Easy basic aero steps lead by the Coach from Celebrity Fitness ..but not easy for him. Hold my hands Aiman and together we have fun. Why is it easier when you teach me, Mommy? Cos I taught you with love, honey *ishh .. mak kau memang always romantik, kan .. hehehe*

There were so many activities lined for the runners and we do not miss the opportunity to get our face painted with the PUMA logo.

Photo credit to Elana's FB*
Not enough! Not enough! Lets do some stretching on our own *I was worried of getting muscle cramp, earlier*

Photo credit to Elana's FB*

Photo credit to Elana's FB*
Ready for flagged-off and sempat lagi kita Wefie

Then the run started. 10,000 runners were seen taking part in the PUMA Night Run 2016 with 2 Flagged Off and I was in the second waves. To be honest I felt so difficult to run .. first few minutes were spent walking not running because there were too many runners who were not running. There was no space to run at all.

Shah Alam is a beautiful town. The route chosen are nice, in a very well condition but few things really bothering me :-

  • There was no water at KM3 water station. We were so excited when we saw a signboard "WATER STATION 100 metres" but once arrived, we were given a paper cups, no water and we have to continue running/walking to KM6 to get water.
  • Few mysterious car were seen parked at the running route (Toyota Estima, Honda .. etc .. etc .. ) .. Are they allowed to do so?
  • There was no road closure. We were running on a Federal route with dual carriageway. One lane was blocked with traffic cones for the runners while traffic was still busy alive on the other lane. Imagine running while cars coming from our back and Marshall .. where are you?
  • Some route are too narrow for 10,000 runners. We have to make our movements small and due to this, some cones were knocked by the runners
  • Certain routes were not properly addressed .. KM6 and KM7 are too dark since there wasn't any road lights. I saw 1 or two reflectors dengan jarak yang jauh antara satu sama lain. Hello its a Night Run, clearly its a night run .. why not you provide the runners with some light reflectors that they can use/wear on their shoe, head or a glow in the dark wrist band, at least.
  • I only saw three (3) ambulance throughout the 10km route.
*photo credit to Marlina Ibrahim's FB*
  • Not enough Marshall ~ Runners were seen crossing the road at their own risk. Thank You to the Shah Alam residents who were very cool .. despite their IN/OUT entrance being used as part of the running route, they gave way to us to complete our run. Thanks to the horn *to show their support, I guessed*
  • Crossing 2 main big roundabouts in Shah Alam at your own risk is definitely .. SCARY!! 
  • Few runners were seen having a muscle cramp at KM8 and KM8.5 and were not attended by Paramedic or Marshall *No marshall at this point*
  • No moveable/portable toilet along the 10km route. Some runners were seen crossing the road and used the Shell's petrol station toilet.
The good thing about the run is it united people from all races and ages .. either family *me and Aiman* or friends. 10KM run were easy for us *My earlier thought was I will .. suffer! LOL* and we managed to complete it within the stipulated time.

Definitely not my best result as I did better during the training

But what I appreciate more about the Race is the opportunity to test my limit and spending quality time with 'kesayangan' .. what I learned from the run is how to stay focus, be discipline during the training and stay strong from the start till the finishing line. Thank you very much PUMA for the opportunity.

Last but not least, I want to express my greatest appreciation to this Puma Ignite Dual running shoe ~ it is so flexible and comfort ~ My 10km Night run was easy with you. Alhamdulillah. Went back home after the run and had dinner with a few friends. Reached home at 12:30 midnight and did some stretching to treat my tired muscle. Woke up the next morning with no muscle pain at all. I was so happy and made my way to the dance floor. Alhamdulillah for the good health the positive mind. I had a blessed life!