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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Japanese Lunch. PUMA Night Run Training Record.

Hello August 10 readers *lambai tangan kat you all*

 It was Aiman's birthday on August 8, and what he requested was only a Japanese Lunch at our favourite Sakae Sushi. Chicken Teriyaki set for him, Sushi set for me.

Fruit Splash tu Misz-ella punya. Thanks Sakae Sushi for the good treat *love*

My PUMA night run training record .. i know i am not a good runner but I promised myself to be good and do better, always. 4.01km in 38 minutes with a pace of 9.37 minutes per km. I am a weak runner, right.

But soon I improved. New record achieved on August 8 - 5.09km in 35.30 minutes with a new pace - 6.58 minutes per km and for the first time I ran 5km non-stop. Yeayy !! I am one happy lady here. Akak suka lah bila dapat cipta Rekod baru *dengan harapan mahu improve lagi*

You are a Dancer or to be exact a Studio fitness enthusiast .. why do you run? Ramai tanya Misz-ella soalan ini. Well .. I always salute and admire a runner .. ladies especially. My idol or inspiration in running are Marlina and Evelyn. I admire their capability of running. How do they run? What motivate them tu run? Sebab lari ni kalau kita tak menghayati dan menjiwai boleh membosankan, itu yang Misz-ella perasan. Back to the question - Why do you run? Because I want to challenge myself to do something which is uncommon to me. Tu je. Afterall running is good and the most wallet friendly and time friendly exercise too .. You dont have to be a member of any fitness centre to be a runner and you can run at your own free time plus you can run at your own pace. So why not give yourself a try. Tak takut muka gelap? Well, i run in the early morning or at night. Lagipun with all the latest techonology in the beauty industry, there is always a solution to those problem.

 I love my sexy Puma Ignite dual - my running companion that help me to keep on running with its high reflex technology. With the striking orange and blue shoe lace, Misz-ella semakin suka pada kasut yang juga diguna oleh pelari dunia, Usain Bolt ini. To be honest day 1 i pakai i macam kurang suka sikit .. but then makin lama makin selesa dan makin jatuh cinta. US 7.5 is my size ..  that round curve shape really allow my feet to breath while running. It comes with the 3-layer mesh upper Ignite Foam that provide instant comfort. It also provide a flex grooves combine with a flexible mesh on the upper part for optimal freedom of movement. Puma ignite dual provide happiness to 'my kaki' while 'berlari' *happy*

And many thanks to my Garmin exercise watch which keep track of my running movements. Before this Misz-ella tak pernah ambik tau berapa calories burn, how is my sleeping patern, how is my heart rate but with this Smart watch, everything are recorded. This model is slim, small and cute. Water resistant up to 50 metres .. mandi pun Misz-ella pakai tau.

Ok I am done with another chapter of my exercise diary. Nak pergi buat benda lain and will return with more stories for my lovely blog readers. You all jangan lupa exercise ok .. jom kita sihat sama-sama. Baru lah best, kan. Ok bye.