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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Ajinomoto Friendship

Haii ..

Selamat Cuti Rakyat Malaysia. Malaysia negara paling banyak Public Holiday in the World. I guess that is because of the various races and religions in Malaysia living happily together.  We celebrate all festivals doesn't matter how you celebrate it, kan. Haha. Happy Thaipusam my Buddhist and Indian friends. I miss Mr. Raj and Revathy. 

Dulu masa kerja i used to go to Batu Caves with Revathy during Thaipusam to grab a nice Punjabi suit sold during the festivals. But not in the list this year .. cos the one 1 bought in India still good and new.

Ok today lets talk about Friendship.
A very close friend commented that we should add Ajinomoto in our friendship so that the flavors of the friendship tasted good all the time.
Another close friend said that A friend is like a Bra. Close to your heart and there to support you tight.

Yeahhh .. i am the Ajinomoto for my friends. I add good flavors to your life make u want me more and more. Hahaha.

Umibaizurah Mahirismail and Latifah Noh .. among my Best Female Friend. Kawan angkat besi, kawan ngopi, kawan chatting sampai tak reti nak tido-tido ke kita ni Umi *Haha* .. kawan melaram, kawan joget-joget, kawan jalan-jalan. Kawan yang i tak suka or tak sesuai whatever i told them straight off and words accepted with open heart .. kawan yang tak banyak drama, kawan yang tak gunakan kawan, tak menyusahkan kawan dan kawan yang sentiasa ada untuk gila-gila. Hellooo .. never make use of your friend ok. That is not good. That is bad. Takbaik. Making use of friends in friendship wont make the friendship last long sebab sangat tak jujur dan 'sincere' bila berkawan kerana ada agenda tersendiri. 

Jujur lah dalam persahabatan. Jangan baik depan belakang mengata berjela. Jangan gunakan kawan untuk kepentingan sendiri. Jujur lah pada ku, ok. Hehe. If tak jujur, i will not hesitate to erase you from my frens list. Wahhh kejam kan Misz-ella. Hello hai .. its not kejam but its a matter of lost of trust. Its a matter of sincerity. Its a matter of quality. Tak perlu kemeriahan dalam keramaian tapi tiada kejujuran. I would definitely choose quality instead of quantity. Life is short buat apa nak pening-pening babes. 

Tammy another my best female friend. Sukati kita nak Whatsapp pukul berapa .. i replied once i wake up and read Ok. Used to go Events, makan, window shopping, watching movie with her and next week gonna watch Boyce Avenue Konsert together. We used to sesat even with the help of Waze. Why la Waze send us to London .. actual destination is Paris, Ok. Hahaha. Good thing we never get mad or stress during the critical time .. rilek je la babe .. sesat pun kat Malaysia. Nak tension buat apa? Life is always fun if you know how to handle it, kan.

This is Ajinomoto and Bras in my life. Walaweihhh love them sooo much forever ever. Friends for more than 20 years .. we shared a lot of things and memories together. They are the real Bras *quality bras* .. closed to my heart and support me tight. They accepted me the way me are .. Aku marah ke, aku suka ke, aku bosan ke, aku stress ke .. dorang dah biasa dan boleh terima kepala angin ku ini. My shoulder used to be a place where Lyn will cry on. My ears is always there to listen to their stories. Lyn homemade cooking will always there for me even i'm on lunch date. Our purse at times support each other .. haha .. pokai, muflis kita masa Holiday ye Kak Senah. Kak Senah hands always ready for a cup of Nescafe for me. Gonna meet this Ajinomoto team again .. at the same place, same table and same chairs .. soon. Wahhh excited nak repeat Nostalgia itu bersama. 

Tapi ada masa kita sorang-sorang jugak. Off from the Gym tonight *ponteng!! haha* Window shopping at The Curve alone .. and went home after a cup of Coffee. Life is always great. I enjoyed every moment .. baik beramaian atau berseorangan. Alhamdulillah. Ok got to do something else now. Bye, readers.


PCL said...

haha..something sound interesting "A friend is like a Bra" .