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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Butterfly Perfume Tea Party

Hai .. Its February. Hello February  ... *waving right hand*
Opsss its already middle of February.
February is famous with its Valentine.
February is my girlfriends Miss Wong and Ah Heong birthday month.
February is a second month in a year ..

The Butterfly Project Community kick-off February with Valentine's Special Perfume Tea Party and Misz-ella is one of the Blogger invited for this beautiful Tea Party. Suka .. suka .. suka .. Suka sangat sebab Blog saya terpilih untuk ke sana *happy gila*

The Butterfly Valentine's Special Perfume Tea Party was held at Betjeman & Barton Tea Cafe at 1Utama, my favorite Tea cafe with the opportunity of making our own BeSpoke Perfume as our activity *sweet* 

My Passeport to The Butterfly Project ~ Valentine's Special Perfume Tea Party

Venue :-
Betjeman & Barton, 1 Utama
Activity :-
Tea Party with BeSpoeke Eau de Parfum making experience
Dress code/Theme :-

BeSpoeke Eau De Parfume Bar Counter

Beautiful Saturday morning. I was the last Butterfly to arrived at the venue because of the unexpected jam and the parking issue at 1U. Alaa so malu .. but thanks for waiting for my arrival girls. The Welcome Speech by The Butterfly Project Community Founder, Tammy Miu.

Shelby from Bisou BonBon giving us an introduction on Bisou BonBon Be Spoeke Eau De Parfum. We gonna make and bring home our own parfume later. So excited!!

This photo is a summay of our activity ~ Parfume and Tea. Butterflies, BisouBonBon, Betjamen & Barton. A perfect combination of 3B's that make our Saturday morning romantic and sweet *love*

We are the Scientist @ Parfume Designer on that day. We were given an opportunity to create our own Parfume by Bisou BonBon. Interesting experienced, kan. So lets check what smell i created that day. Actually i was so excited about combining this smell with that smell and worried at the same time. I worried the combination is not right .. i worried the parfume result doesn't smell like what i want but still .. the excitement is more!! Thanks Shelby for the guide given.

Well ... after experiencing Self-Making Parfume i think it's a great idea to organised a small, sweet and romantic gathering and to include the Parfume making activity as part of the event's activity. This will make the guests more excited and do not want to miss it, right.

Bisou BonBon Parfume Bar is available for hire. They cater for any private or corporate function either big or small.  Do visit them here for more info or for any enquiry.

The collection of Teas at Betjeman & Barton. This Cafe has a very romantic, sweet ambience .. a perfect place to chill and relax with your 'kesayangan'.

I am not a fan of Tea but i loved the tea served by Betjeman & Barton. It has a nice aroma and taste very good too. Betjeman & Barton is The French Tea expert since 1919. They served more than 200 varieties of tea. Tea can be consumed at the cafe or take home a can or two to enjoy it with your family. 

At Betjeman & Barton, tea can be serve hot or cold. My choice is hot. I love the original aroma of the tea while it was serve hot. It makes my tea session at Betjeman & Barton interesting and sweet to remember. For me, Betjeman & Barton Tea is definitely ways better than those tea with add-on colouring and flavour and the tea are unseen everywhere in Malaysia. So friends, do visit Betjeman & Barton Tea Cafe at 1Utama for soothing tea and invigorating sweets experience. You will love it!

Visit Betjeman & Barton here for more info.

Besides Tea, Betjeman & Barton Cafe also serves invigorating sweets, to complete your Tea experience here and this is what we have on the day ~ Pouchkine Tea~ Betjeman & Barton the oldest and most admired tea, Raspberry & Green Tea Macarons, Orange Chocolate Cake, Pure White & Pure Milk Chocolates, Oreo Mousse de Fromage. 

Parfume, Tea, Sweets .. makes our Valentines Celebration memorable and sweet for us to remember.

Butterflies ..
I love The Butterfly Project Community which I joined last year ~ A group of multi racial Bloggers from various backgrounds .. from a Doctor to a Lawyer, Writer, Designer .. etc .. etc.  The Butterfly Project Community is recognised and trusted by many International brands with its capability to deliver a high quality reviews on the products given. I enjoy my life as a Butterfly blogger ~ a place where i meet a lot of new Blogger friends. Love them very much!! Muahhh *flying kiss* 

This is the mixture of my own-designed parfume. 

There the Guide Card which we used on that day ~ 15 drops of the parfume for the base note, 9 drops for the middle note and 6 drops for the top note. There are a few more steps which i do not want to share with you here *rahsia .. hehe*

Saya perlu tunggu 6 minggu untuk mendapatkan bau dan aromanya yang sebenar. 14 March 2015 is my due date. Can't wait. Excitednyaaaa la makcik Ella ni. Haha.

Tea from Betjeman & Barton for us to bring home

Thank you The Butterfly Project for the idea of having this small sweet gathering in conjunction with the Valentine's Day celebration.  Thank you Betjeman & Barton, 1Utama for sponsoring the venue and Thank you Bisou BonBon for the BeSpoeke Eau de Parfum making opportunity. Our Valentine is sweet and romantic and me personally love it.


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