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Master Your Force this May ~ Its International STAR WARS Day at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

Hello lovely readers and Star Wars Fans .. This entry is for you.

May 4th is the International Star Wars Day and month of May has been recognized as a celebration month for the Star Wars. In conjunction with the celebration, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort and The LEGO Group has set lot of activities for Star Wars fans to share their Star Wars love with their children with a unique LEGO twist! 

The LEGO Star Wars Days is set to be bigger than ever this year. It will be the largest LEGO Star Wars event in the region.

Plenty of family bonding activities have been set for the Star Wars fans throughout the month of May. OK lets check the diary out 

30th April ~ 2nd May 2016
LEGOLAND has the honour of playing a host to Asia's only Master Builder event with the world's only father-son LEGO Master Builder Team. Daniel Steininger and Christopher Steininger will be at the LEGOLAND to build the iconic spaceships using more than 200,000 bricks to put together. During this 3 days, fans can get a chance to meet the most Senior Master Builder in the world, and be part of the building. The parent duo will be stationed in the LEGOLAND Thema Park, welcoming the guests to place a brick on the massive creation.

3rd May 2016
The grand finish will be on the 3rd May where the last brick will be placed to complete the Millenium Falcon during a media session together with LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort's guests-of-honour. Every guest will also get to bring home a piece of the action by building their own mini limited edition Millenium Falcon as a take-home reminder of the day's amazing Star Wars memories.

The big spaceship will be on display at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort till end of May - but thats not all, as there will also be two TIE Fighters being built on 7-8 May, which guest can also help to build

7th & 8th May
Well this is the most interesting weekend. LEGOLAND will have a flurry of activities to celebrate all things Star Wars. Fans can witness a real-life imperial March/parade led by an army of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader alongside a variety of characters from the franchise, with more than 90 Star Wars costumers from the 501 Legion taking part.

April 21- May 8
Another way that fans can be part of the LEGO Star Wars fever is through 'Build Your Own Dream LEGO Star Wars Starship" social media competition!  From April 21st to May 8, parents will have a great opportunity to partner their child in the building of a LEGO Star Wars starship of their dreams. To enter, participants need to upload a photograph of their completed LEGO Star Wars starship on LEGOLAND Malaysia Resorts Facebook page with the hashtags #MasterYourForce and #LEGOStarWarsDays. After a week, judging by the LEGO Master Builders, ten winners will be picked and special prizes will be awarded on May 14.

For fans who love to create their own Star Wars scenes with LEGO, the My Own Creation (MOC) competition is something they would not want to miss. Over at LEGOLAND, they would be able to view the final 99 models chosen from countries in the region including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. This year, the competition has been segmented into three (3) categories ~ 7-15 years old,  above 15 years old and finally the new category ~ parents and child. The winners of the respective categories will be awarded on May 8, with the wining MOCs on display in the Park till 31 May 2016.

Last but not least, every weekend over the month of May, park guests will be able to bring home a piece of the action with a mini LEGO Millennium Falcon. Families will also be able to participate in the LEGO Star Wars Activity Trail - a treasure hunt, by participating in all LEGO Star Wars related activities in the park and be rewarded with a special gift.

*Photo from Legoland Malaysia*

So Star Wars fans, with all the activities line up for you in this month of May, dont you get excited?  The real-life Star Wars Imperial march/parade, the LEGO Star Wars social media competition etc .. etc .. May is definitely a month of celebration for you, ya!

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