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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Piloxing. Batuka. Fun dance. Body Toning. Jejak Kasih.

Hai readers ..

Say HELLO to second half of the year ~ June has arrived and I have a mix feeling. April and May was toughed .. the most emotional and dramatic month on the 1st half of my 2016 tapi orang macam Misz-ella .. susah pun dia tetap melangkah. Kalau jatuh dia cepat-cepat berusaha untuk bangun. Yahh .. my life is not easy but I walk it with pride.

Bulan sakit, bulan 'laptop' kesayangan meragam .. blogspot buat hal .. bulan pindah rumah .. I am emotionally and physically stress tapi kaki terus melangkah no matter what *Ella is strong* With God help, In Sha Allah.

Back to my old exercise studio at Sg. Buloh after almost 2 months missing. Magyc Fitness Studio has been taken over by Rockafella Gym since May and I was so down. Memories .. I lived with the memories built with my Magyc Fitness Studio family. All the nostalgic moments .. so bila the studio changed the management, i turut patah hati. Kenangan .. baik pahit atau manis, mana lah boleh kita lupakan .. maka hidup lah kita bersandarkan pada kenangan. Terbayang-bayang kelincahan si Angah menari di Lantai Tari .. terbayang-bayang semua memori .. I was so down and sad.

I returned to Mom's house in Sg. Buloh on Tuesday and returned to SU/SBCR in the late evening. Back to the place where I started my small family almost 20 years ago ... I had a mix feeling. Undescribed. Tak terluah dengan kata-kata. 

Call my best friend Kak Yun and we went for a drink. Yeahh .. at this point I wanted to meet my exercise gang .. Nak Jejak Kasih dengan dia orang semua ~ to say Hello to them before the arrival of Ramadan. Tapi kasut lupa bawak. Kak Yun brought a pair of her exercise shoe for me unfortunately that shoe didn't suit my Cinderella size feet. She almost did a shout out at the exercise group to get me a pair of shoe so that I can dance with them. Sweet la kau kak.

Tuesday night, 31st May 2016, 9pm .. another Chapter of my exercise diary.
I made my way to the Dance Floor.

Piloxing, Batuka, Fun Dance, Body Toning with Coach Eqynn. Piloxing is fun! Piloxing ~ A non-stop cardio fusion, combination of standing pilates, boxing and dance .. 20 minutes of high impact exercise. I always love high impact exercise sebab Misz-ella tak boleh slow .. kalau slow I lari focus. And Coach Eqynn biasalah .. her selection of song is always the best and lagi satu, I usually love to dance next to the coach. Dari dulu lagi .. tak tau kenapa. Hehehe. 

Buckets of sweat. Burnt calories. Exercise is always fun! Looking backwards, when I started my exercise routine almost 20 years ago, what I did was only jogging and exercise with Denise Austin's CD. Then upgraded to studio exercise, then explored the Gym and try Weight lifting, then learnt HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training, now learn Tatsujin, Mixed Marital Art, Kickboxing *with my best friend Leoniel Dg* and Aquadance. What I love most about sharing my exercise diary is when my followers followed and look for me at the Dance Studio after reading my entry. When suddenly I was approached .. Kak Ella .. saya baca blog akak .. sebab tu saya datang sini. Terima kasih kerana menyahut seruan saya supaya bersenam. Menulis seikhlas hati dan dari hati ~ That is me.

My FB post after the exercise

By the end of the day, it is the Love that make our life complete. Tak kira di mana kau berada, doesnt matter how rich you are .. without Love your life is still empty and not perfect. I am blessed to be surrounded by Love. I am nobody ... I only have a piece of heart to barter with a friendship .. seikhlasnya. 

I believed .. Allah sentiasa mendengar apa yang ada di dalam hati kita. if you give love you will be rewarded with love.  And I am blessed gifted with a piece of heart full with love. I love my heart .. even its broken many times but it is still in a good piece. Tq Allah for giving me a piece of that beautiful heart. I am blessed!

The class ended with Body Toning. Hugs and kisses before we say GoodBye to each other. Salam Ramadan to all my Magyc Family exercise 'kakis' *ohh still want to call them Magyc .. sobs sobs*. Take care. Jaga diet. Jaga kesihatan. Keep on exercise even Rozita kata the class kurang berseri tanpa aura 'Barbie Doll' dorang ni *they called me Barbie Doll* The dance studio will be close during Ramadan. OK I'm done with my Entry. Entry kenangan buat hari tua kita *me and my exercise gang* nanti. Thank You baca. Bye.