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Eye Lash Extension at Face Factors Clinic, Publika

Hello beauty lovers ..

I did the eye lashes extension again .. at the same beauty clinic, Face Factors.

 This time, i requested for single eye lashes instead of dual lashes like before.

I love eye lash extension by Face Factors, it lasted longer. The single lashes extension at Face Factors which cost me RM118 has been laying on my eyes since a month ago and it is still in a good condition *love*

When the beautician told me, Misz-ella your blog reader came and requested the same design as your eye lashes, I felt i could tell her .. Hello Blog reader, congratulations. You came to the right place. Prettier eyes, only with Face Factors.

Face Factors Clinic is located at :-
D3-G4-2 Solaris Dutamas
Publika Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur
Tel :- 03-6205 3508 (Ask for Ricky)

Come blog reader, jom cantikkan mata sama-sama di Face Factors. Misz-ella dah dua kali repeat tau. Jom!

*more entries about eye lashes extension can be find in this blog via keyword - eye lash extension* do check it out too!


Anonymous said...

Just nak bgtau berdosa kak myambung rambut n bulu mata