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Kipling Summer Pre- Fall 2016 Collection Launched

Hello hai readers ..

I'm back with the Entry on Fashion. It's Kipling you alls .. this Belgium's crinkled nylon fabric bag  recently launched its Summer Pre-Fall 2016 Collection. 

Named after Rudyard Kipling the author of The Jungle Book, the spirited monkey in the story became the main inspiration for Kipling's products.

Kipling is known with its colorful arrays handbag, backpacks, luggage and accessories that are seriously playful and fun, stylish, delightfully carefree - letting you live by your own rules, created for the gal-on-the-go in mind.

Kipling celebrate the arrival of the mid-year holidays with Kipling's Summer Pre-Fall 2016 Collection. The launched was held on 26 May 2016 at Lepaq-Lepaq Cafe, Jalan Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur and I was among the invited guest to witness the launched.

My first impression when I saw the Summer Pre-Fall 2016 Collection by Kipling was .. NICE! This is nice. That is nice. Ini aku nak. Itu pun aku nak *Ohhh .. die* Haha.

Bright, cheerful fun colours, stylish design .. but what I love more is the nature inspired design .. it is just AWESOME!  

Kipling's Summer Pre-Fall 2016 Collection takes you on journey to the City jungle. Explore every nook and cranny to discover hidden treasures, while keeping your essentials stashed safely in sturdy bags. Your hands stay free, allowing you to make the most of your holiday.

Green represents the nature combined with pops of colours reminiscent of exotic birds and reptiles, flora and fauna. This combination  and the comfort that the Kipling's bag has to offer will definitely allows you to make the most of your holiday.

Lets that wheel moving while enjoying your holiday in a stylish way with Kipling's Summer Pre-Fall 2016 Collection.

That's a nice fun striking green *I LIKE*

So that is only a part of the Kipling's Summer Pre-Fall 2016 Collection showcased during the launched. Its nice and beautiful. Few of them captured my heart and I quickly fall in love with it. Can't wait to welcome the bags arrival at all Kipling store this coming June.

The members of Kipling with their Kipling's Summer Pre-Fall 2016 collection bags


To add more fun to celebrate the arrival of Summer, Kipling bring you the Kipling City Jungle Summer Bus which will be touring the Mid Valley. Spot the bus during the roadshow and take part in the 'Count the Kipling Monkeys Contest'.

 Yeahh .. the bus is all wrapped with the Kipling's Summer design with lots of monkeys on it. This is what you should do it you spotted the bus :-

Count the number of monkeys depicted on the exterior of the bus
Submit your entry with a creative caption via Kipling's Facebook
Write a creative caption to go with your entry
Stand a chance to win a bags!

And hey readers .. I did it! I counted the number of monkeys and ehemmmm .. Its secret. I am going to submit my entry and encouraged you to follow me too. Just count the number of the monkeys .. thats all. Easy, right? Submit your entry with a creative caption and lets pray for Win Win and WIN. It's Kiplings bags readers .. worth your trying.

Selfie lovers do not forget to show your skills by participating in Kipling Summer Selfie activity. Take your best selfie with the Kipling Summer Bus or with Kipling monkey on the bus and upload it to your Instagram with the hashtags #MyKipling and #KiplingSummerFun16 to redeem exclusive Kipling merchandise on the spot! Ok I have taken mine but not so happy with it. I'm going to spot the bus again and take another selfie. Readers .. lets join me .. we can get an exclusive Kipling merchandise on the spot! Jom!

And that's not all - Purchase Kipling products worth RM500 and above to stand a chance at scoring flight tickets worth more than RM30,000! Ohhh that green bag .. nice tone colour, right *jeling wallet kira duit*

Its gonna be a fun summer with Kipling, readers. Check Kipling Malaysia Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KiplingMalaysia for more information on the bags collection and roadshow. Lets check it out together readers and be one of the winner. Good Luck!


Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

Loving the collection.. I wish we have plenty of money in the wallet so we can buy our favorites kannnn

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