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The Butterfly Project Bake & Shop Party with Althea Korea

Hello .. Butterfly turned 3!

Yeahhh .. The Butterfly Project Community that I joined has turned 3 and we celebrated the anniversary with The Butterfly Project Bake & Shop Party recently at Delectable Cafe at The Glasshouse Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur.

As one of the Senior Butterfly, I registered myself and was so excited counting the days.The colour theme is pastel ~ I chosed to wear this sweet peach! I look sweet in this colour, right.

The event's banner

Althea Korea is the main sponsor of The Butterfly's Project Bake & Shop Party

We were given this super soft and cute Apron. Let me tell you my story about this Apron. When Tammy, The Butterfly Project founder shouted about this sweet little apron on the Facebook, I was excited. I want it. But considering the number of butterflies who wanted to join the celebration was high, I was unsure about my chance. I told Miera .. I am sad if I wasn't selected cos I really want the apron which was designed personally by Tammy. Miera was so sweet .. Its ok .. I will give you. Really? Yah I will give mine to you after the event. Ohmygodd she is trying to fulfill my dream by giving her apron to me .. but then, I was selected to the party too. So both of us owned that little sweet apron now *sweet*

The pink box that always make our day happy ~ I always love Althea Korea. The best place to shop online for Made in Korea cosmetics and skin care. 

Registered myself and Heyyy .. Can't wait to see them!

The working committee .. my camera captured moment between Aliza and Anis Farhana. Sweet, kan.

Everyone were seen in the pastel mood ~ Sweet. Soft. And Lovely. Wahh .. yang kat belakang tu rancak bersembang melepas rindu .. *hahaha*

What we love more about every The Butterfly Project event is the opportunity to spend quality time together.

My best friend Dee is the Emcee of the Event *wajah kesayangan kebanyakan blogger .. haha*

As usual, he is always spontaneous and fun. 'Kau memang Selamba, kan*

Today we are going to decorate our own B.B. cushion

 Butterfly Sabby Prue giving an explanation to the butterflies on How to decorate a B.B. cushion.

Work In Progress. Syhhhh .. Do Not Disturb.

Well .. that's mine *urghhhh .. not nice .. LOL*

Finally ... Times Up! Lets select the winner.

When butterflies meet, Selfie is a MUST! Jom Selfie!

Meanwhile .. the food served are Delicious!

Another highlight of the event ~ Shopped online with Althea Korea. We were given 150 credits *WoW* but the challenged is Shop and Selfie in 30 minutes. Everyone were busy with the handphone *OhMyyy .. we were so excited and nervous*

But not that difficult for me cos Althea Korea website is so user friendly, various choices and the products are something that I always want and today, Althea Korea allow me and friend to shop for free!

The Butterflies at The Butterfly Project Bake & Shop Party with Althea Korea in conjunction with our 3rd year anniversary with Tammy Lim the founder, Frank from Althea Korea and the working committee. Not to forget our beloved Emcee, Dee Leonard.

All in .. All in .. We had a blast moment spending our quality time together at The Butterfly Project Bake & Shop Party. Thank You Althea Korea for celebrating the moment with us as part of our Sponsor. The Butterflies Bloggers love Althea Korea *cos you always make us pretty .. hehe*

So readers, if you are a fans of Korean cosmetics and skin care, visit Althea Korea website at http://my.althea.kr/ and get spoil by choices like us. 


Shin May said...

I really enjoyed in this party a lot ^^ Nice to know you as well..muackss <3