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Gimme Gimme ABBA LIVE in Malaysia 17-21st May 2016

Hello lovely readers ..

Remember the story about Gimme Gimme ABBA coming to Malaysia to bring back our memory to ABBA? To those songs that we used to sing during our childhood time *me and my siblings especially*

Yes readers .. Gimme Gimme ABBA is now LIVE in Malaysia from 17th-21st May 2016 and misz-ella.blogspot.com was among the luckiest to be invited to watch their opening show at The Gardens Theatre Mid Valley on 17th May 2016. Thanks to Dato' Nicholas and the team of Homme Productions for having me.

The Gimme Gimme Girls, Kate and Lucy, the UK's premier ABBA tribute band will be entertaining our next 4 nights with the Finale concert schedule in Kedah on 21st May 2016.

Featuring more than 10 ABBA hits like Waterloo, Take A Chance on Me, Fernando, Gimme Gimme, Knowing Me Knowing You. Honey Honey, Money Money Money and the lovely Mamma Mia and my forever favourite Dancing Queen .. this group did a superb job by delivering the best!

Gimme Gimme ABBA created the magic of ABBA right in front the eyes of the audiences during their opening night performance. Unique choreography, dazzling costumes, perfect vocals and the chemistry between both of them and the band are really entertained. 

Stunning performance .. they blew the audiences heart away

The Gardens Theatre were filled with the magical of ABBA brought by Gimme Gimme ABBA .. the audiences were seen singing the everlasting fresh song together.

And dance the night along together .. shaking and clapping hands. The performance was great and superb!

Tickets for the Concert are priced at RM300 and RM350 per person. You can get the ticket at www.ticketcharge.com.my or by calling the Hotline at 03-9222 8811. Grab your tickets now!