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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Move As Young As You Feel Inside Campaign with Anlene Movemax

Hello readers .. I'm back with an Awareness Campaign which I believed will benefits you. This time is about strengthening our bones, muscles and joints.

Dairy Giant Fonterra Brands Malaysia recently launched a nationwide campaign to get Malaysian move as young as they feel inside with the newly formulation of Anlene Movemax which contains Calcium, Collagen, Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vits B, C, D and E a nutrient bundle to help care for your bones, joints and muscles.

Well, being someone who has a mother with arthritis, i always worry about my joints, bones and muscle too. I always see mom drink Anlene Gold as part of her diet to strengthen her bone. Well sometimes, I did 'curi-curi' drink her Anlene milk too as I believe apart of my routine exercise to maintain my good health, taking a good nutrient diet is important too.

Mr. Jose Miguel Porraz Lando, the Managing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia and Singapore said that Fonterra has always made it a priority to listen closely to consumes in order to meet their specific nutritional needs through the goodness dairy. Alene was created n Malaysia more than 20 years ago for the Asian Market to address the nutritional needs for bone health and as a highly successful global brand, Anlene continues to innovate and address the nutritional needs not just for bones but movement in total.


Then there was a performance by the not-so-young but so energetic woman whom I believed has a very strong bones, a flexi muscle and a perfect joints. Their song and the dance movement are so funky till I felt like wanna join too. It was so entertaining!

Then it was the special appearance by Sheila Majid, the top Malaysian Diva who is also the Spokeperson for Anlene MoveMax. Well .. Sinaran, Antara Anyer dan Jakarta, Pengemis Muda her forever lovely song which i memorised till now. Looking at her at 50's I am all excited to know her secret. She later shared on how she maintains a highly active lifestyle through good inside nutrition which she explains is the key to her youthful appearance and good health. 

“I don’t let age slow me down, instead I keep moving to slow down age,” said the stunning singer who had recently embarked on an Asian tour to mark her 30 years in entertainment. She added that she has made Anlene an important part of her life as it fulfills her nutritional needs for an active lifestyle. Yahh .. Its really amazed me to witness how Sheila at the age of 50's keep on moving actively and maintaining her stamina with her Concert and taking care of four (4) childrens at the same time. She move like a youngsters as she feel it inside too, I guess. 

At the experimental launched, we were given an opportunity to experienced a taste of youthful movement which featured fun joyful activities such as jumping on a trampoline, arcade dance moves, a tyre swing in a tree house and a schoolyard games such as hopscotch and guess what ... I also took part! Yeah feel young at the age of 43 with that youthful movement ..

Get ready to jump on the trampoline *looks confident, ya .. nervous actually .. LOL*

Pick the right answer and placed it at the right board

Jump. Jump. Jump. Ahhh it was so fun * like you are very young, right. I instantly forget yourself jumping 43 times tu .. haha ​​*

Next was The Arcade Dance move with Blogger, Fatin Bella. Wahhh .. I always saw this machine at the entertainment zone of the Shopping mall but never tried before cos most of the players are youngsters. Here at Move As Young As You Feel Inside Campaign, I felt younger realising my capability to dance with the Move Young Machine instruction. Not bad. Not bad. But I lost to Fatin Bella .. *haha*

Next was the tyre swing in a tree house. Swing the tyre and try to grab the soft balls located at the 4 piers of the tree house. My point was only six. Well .. not too bad cos at least I made it, right.

Other than that, a physical exercise on the flexibility and few other challenge were held too. I took the bone, muscle and joint test and my result are SUPERB! My bone, muscle and joint are in a good condition and it is good for a lady at 43 like me *suka gila* Well .. could it be because of my habit of 'curi-curi' drinking my mom's Anlene .. LOL!

Move Young As You Feel Inside is a nationwide Campaign where Anlene will reach the consumers to fully embrace moving where Anlene will reach the consumers through roadshows, curated quarterly experiential programmes, move checks and public appearances by Sheila Majid in this capacity.

The Campaign focusing to empore more Malaysians to come out of their shells and get moving as young as they feel inside. While they may emotionally feel younger inside, they need to align their physical movement to appear fresh and dynamic on the outside – not to be defined by age. Research showed that active adults have a 30% higher chance of enhanced well being than inactive adults. Movement does not need to be a chore, it can be joyful and fun,” said Mr. Paulo Ocampo, Marketing Manager of Anlene for Malaysia and Yesss .. I agreed! Mr Paulo Ocampo also said that there needs to be more awareness on the importance of movement as one gets older.

A pose with the lovely Shiela Majid

So readers, based on my family experienced, I strongly support this Campaign and I suggest you support it too. Strong bones, joints and muscle are important for our movement and you can get it by including  Anlene MoveMax as part of you daily nutrient intake. We can keep on rocking our life with flexibility, strength and dynamism not matter what our age and with the new formulation Anlene MoveMax which contains Collagen, Calsium, Magnesium, Proteins, Zink, Vits B, C, D and E will definitely a good way to help taking care of you bones, joints and muscle.

Thank You Anlene for the Mother's Day hamper. Stronger bones, joints and muscles with Anlene MoveMax *love*

The new Anlene MoveMax™ is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and is available in the powdered form as well as in the yoghurt form. The powdered form comes in two flavours – plain and chocolate and is available in 1kg, 600g, and 175gpacks. Anlene Movemax™ Yoghurt is available in 4 delicious variants: plain, mango, strawberry, and mixed berries. So Jom .. jangan lupa cari Anlene MoveMax di mana-mana leading supermarket and start to consume it today. Nak tulang, sendi dan otot muda macam Misz-ella dan Sheila Majid, nak dalaman muda so that you will feel younger .. remember Anlene MoveMax!

More details on the product and Campaign are available by logging on to www.anlene.com.my or like Anlene Facebook Page here.