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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Family Time Together

I might not rich.
I might not have a perfect life.
Some of you might have an easy and painless journey.
But not me.

Yahh .. my life is not easy.
But somehow I am still blessed cos I know no matter what .. I have them ..


School holiday is always the moment that we look forward to. Hakeem dan Haris study at the Boarding school .. masa macam ni je dapat jumpa Sepupu semua but to be honest not only them. We, the parents are excited too. Malah lebih excited lagi .. we plan Get Together .. anak-anak ikut je.

The moment that touched our heart are watching them grown in front of our eyes. Yahh we are lucky .. staying close with each other. Teringat Danial masa kecik, He was so fair and mata sepet .. exactly like Chinese. Amir and Aiman were close since they were small. Umur pun sama and Aiman memang rapat dengan Ayah dan Ibu (Amir's parent) .. teringat kata-kata Aiman .. Nak mintak tolong pun ayah .. nak mintak nasihat pun pada Ayah .. nak tumpang kasih sayang dan bermanja pun pada Ayah dan Ibu *rolling tears* and Papa Ngah .. sentiasa ada untuk membantu. My 'Angah'  play the role as the eldest in the family *even he is the second* cos Alop *my first brother* stay in Taiping, Perak. Angah is the one who will visit Mom every morning *they stay in one community* Unlike me .. I hardly call mom even once a week but I kept her close in my heart. Thanks to the technology that united us more. The Family whatsapp group, The Super Sisters whatsapp group, The Sewellian whatsapp group and we know the cousins *our children* has their own whatsapp group too.

Yahh as i said earlier, my life is not easy but I Thank God I had them in my life. God bless. Alhamdulillah.

Another group of the kids in our family *Jiha and Puteri not in the pic* is the younger one. Ilyas 13 studied at MCKK, Aliya 12, Mukhriz 11, Dini 10 and that cute little Sara 7 years old.

Our big family dinner at Sg Buloh last weekend. Yes we are busy, always busy but we try to find a suitable time to be together. Life is like a roller coaster .. so hectic, very tight schedule but moment together are something that we do not want to miss. Tq to Alop who initiated the Dinner. Tq Allah for the moment that we had together *love*

And suddenly my house became so happening when this two handsome young man came for sleep over. Aiman was so happy cos he has extra accompany.

Aiman swimming with her cousins. I kept on reminding him to return before 'Maghrib' sebab Aiman sebenarnya sangat sensitif. Beberapa kali dia kena 'tetegur' so lebih baiklah berhati-hati.

Sanggup bawak keluar tilam dari dua bilik and place them at the hall so that they can sleep together. Sweet, lah korang ni. Riuh rendah rumah termasuklah 'my kitchen' dibuat mereka. 

Satu yang aku belajar dalam hidup ini :-

Walau jauh kita berkelana
Walau dengan sapa kita berada
Cuma keluarga yang kekal selama nya
Sampai Syurga.
Itu pasti.

Sekian. Another chapter of my life diary dedicated to my family buat kenangan hari tua kita nanti. That's the main reason why this blog exist, anyway. Not because of money .. not because of popularity but because I want to leave something for my family and 'kesayangan'. Ok Thanks baca. Bye.