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Ipoh Is Lovely !

Hello readers ..

Rindu nya nak berceloteh kat blog. Cakap sorang-sorang, baca ramai-ramai .. you all ni awesome lah!  Always support 'Dari Jari-Jari Halusku' dari dulu hingga kini.  Thank You blog readers *LOVE*

I was in Ipoh during the weekend with my bestfriend Leoniel and his mom to visit our lovely friend Selina.

Love is about taking care of each other. Support each other. Sesungguh nya ukuwah itu sangat indah. Alhamdulillah kerana sebuah persahabatan yang sangat indah.

Selina the lovely host. Few hours with her .. tak cukup lah .. seronok bersembang .. from one topic from another but we have to leave ..

Lovely! Thanks Leoniel for this shot! I LIKE.


From Leoniel's phone

Leoniel's mobile shot. Thanks fren. 

Nice caption, kan

Ipoh is lovely lah. And to discover this small town with Selina is just awesome!

Ok KL kalah ok .. Plan B KL tak lawa macam ni. Ipoh menang lah!


Overall .. it was an awesome journey!  Ipoh is best lah! Lovely. Sweet. More than what I expect. It has a class on its own. Okbye. Misz-ella nak buat kerja lain. More stories about this lovely place will be on the blog, soon. Bye.


lia ummiirfan said...

ipoh small town tapi sangat banyak boleh diterokai ☺️