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Semarak Ramadan at The Tonka Bean Cafe, Impiana Hotel, KLCC

Hello Blog readers ..

Another Buffet Ramadan Review for you. Wahhh .. Meriah lah bulan Ramadan you all nanti dengan segala rujukan berbuka puasa ada di Blog ini. This time, Misz-ella was invited to Tonka Bean Cafe at Impiana Hotel, KLCC. Thank you for the invitation .. that was a very sweet and lovely Dinner we had.

Air Zam Zam will also be provided during the Holy Month

The Set-Up table .. All looks good and delicious, right

The Theme for the Ramadan Buffet this year is SEMARAK RAMADAN, a very fitting theme due to a wide variety of food by Chef Ali Tumin.

Using only the freshest halal ingredients for the Buka Puasa, the buffet spread showcases all the popular dishes from each state. The dishes are cooked using the traditional recipes that will bring back your memory to your childhood days. So readers .. lets scroll down to see the wide variety of Buffet spread prepared by Chef Ali Tumin to welcome the diners this coming Ramadan.

The BBQ Lamb ~ Soft, juicy and Yummy!

The Sup Gear Box Counter

I'm not a fan of Sup Gear Box but this plate of Soup is delicious. Sesudu dua sahaja so that i no longer 'jakun' tak tau apa rasanya .. Hehe.


Nasi Goreng Cina

Fried Seasonal Vegetables

Sweet Sour Fish Fillet

Beef with Spring Onion

Butter Prawn

Sate Daging, Perut Dan Ayam with Peanut Sauce and Condiments

Roti John .. among the favourites during Ramadan, right

Kebab @ Roti Pita

Yong Tau Foo @ Lok- Lok is available too

Nasi Briyani Gam Kambing

Nasi Dagang

Briyani Gam Daging

Mix Seafood Curry 

Kari Daging

Ketam Masak Lemak

The Gorengan Platter ~ Fish,Prawn, Chicken, Squid, Crab and many more. OhLaLa .. semua nak rasa


The cold seafood counter ~ Squid and Crab, Mussel On Ice, Oyster, Fresh Prawn, Smoked Duck, Salmon Gravalax 

The Salad

Various type of traditional Malay Kerabu

Various type of drink .. Air Kelapa Botak and Kurma Juice are available too!

Be sure to leave some space for sweet endings as you would not want to miss the selections of satisfying desserts. Great selections of desserts from the Dessert Counter that will definitely leave you spoil for choice this fasting month.


Agar-agar, Puding Jagung, Malay Pudding, Jelly, Buah Pala, Sagu Gula Melaka, Indonesia Layer Cake, Buah Kurma, Cream Caramel, Banana Cake, Pandan Cream Cake, Chocolate Fountain with ocndiments, Bubut Kacang Hijau, Serawa Durian, Pengat Pisang, Bread Butter Pudding and many more.

Local farm fruits like high-quality durian, mangosteen, rambutan, banana, langsat, jackfruit and cempedak will also be available.

Air Batu Campur Station is there too .. definitely a perfect choice after a long hours of fasting

Another A MUST VISIT .. A MUST EAT is the 18 flavors of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream counter. Indulge yourselves with this flavorful creamy ice cream .. only at The Tonka Bean Cafe this coming Ramadan.

The Tonka Bean Cafe Ramadan Buffet price is at RM168 nett Per person for the period from 6th June till 5th July 2016. Children under 12 years old is price at RM74 nett per person while Children below 6 years old will dine for free. Enjoy 15% Discount if you dine on the first day of Ramadan and last 3 days of Ramadan.

Me and Friends at the 'Semarak Ramadan' Preview *pic credit to Anastasia Doping's FB

So readers, if you are looking for a 'luxury' Buffet Ramadan spread to spend quality times either with your love one or your business associates, you could definitely consider 'SEMARAK RAMADAN' at the Tonka Bean Cafe, Impiana Hotel, KLCC.

For more information about the promotion, kindly call 03-2147 1111 or email info.klcc@impiana.com or visit Impiana Hotel KLCC website at www.impiana.com