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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Healthland Swag Run - 19th February 2017, Setia Alam.

Hello lovely readers ..

I am back with another running event. Ehemm ... with that means .. Me and my team will be running again. Yeayyy !!

Healthland Wellness Center will be organising Healthland #SwagRun this coming 19th February 2017 at Urban Park, Setia Alam, Selangor.

Healthland #SwagRun is a health related event which promoting running in a swag and style to the cool kids on the block and families. Running aren't boring .. It is fun!! 

With 2 categories of running ~ 7km and 10km, get ready for a SWAGGERIFIC run in Setia Alam!

There will be lots of activity for the runners on that day which includes :-
  • The Wellness Spot (Free admission to over 20 health and wellness related brands/products
  • Swagger Zone (Attractions and Fun Fair)
  • Virtual Reality Tour (A Health Land and guided relaxation Virtual Reality experience)
  • Food Trucks (Enjoy various food gastronomy)
And Wootss ... Let me explain more :-

7km Fun Run is meant for those who want to spend quality times with their love in a healthier way (running) and have fun! Dress up, be stylish and run with swag to the finishing line!

10km Run ~ Race for the prize! Ideal for recreational runners and challengers alike.

PRIZES to be won for the Top 3 finishers of the 10km route including:
• 1 x ULTRON Compression Wear Long Sleeve Top and Long Pant 
• 1 x LifeProof WaterProof phone case
• 1 x HealthLand massage package worth RM800.00
• 1 x 60 meals fully sponsored healthy meals by HUIOS for 4 weeks

 And all finishers will bring home this swag finisher medal. OhMy ... I want!!

So readers, if you are looking for a health related event which is full of fun and a run which allow you to run in a Swag way .. Healthland #SwagRun definitely suits you *plus me too!* Run with style and Be one of the Swaggerific on the race day!

The entry fee is RM80. You will get a Goody bag which includes :-
  • RM55 worth Ultron Micro-Dry T-Shirt (8 designs to choose from!)
  • RM50 HealthLand Massage Voucher
  • Swag Goodies 

And oopsss .. I am BORN TO BE #SWAG *hehehe*

But waittt .. That is not all. 

Good news readers! Now you can save up to RM20 by register using a discounted rate code!! Key In swagrun60 during registration for this great saving! As the slots are limited, I suggest you to register at www.healthlandswagrun.com as soon as possible readers .. You can save RM20 *can belanja me *hehe*

Well, look like I need more energy now. Need to practise more to top up my energy for Healthland #SwagRun. 19th February 2017, Urban Park, Setia Alam. Register now and mark your calender, readers!

More information about HealthLand #SwagRun can be find at :-