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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Kilos Fitness Center, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam

Hello lovely readers,

I am back with my Fitness sharing. One of my hobby lately is to explore more gyms and share my experienced with my lovely readers here.

I recently had an opportunity to spend my weekend at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam and as usual every stay in a hotel, a visit to the Gym a MUST. This entry is about Kilos Fitness Center, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Selangor, readers.

Kilos is located at Level 3 of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, an internationally renowed business class hotel located in the heart of the beautiful city of Shah Alam. So readers .. lets scroll the entry more to find out how I did my workout at Kilos ..

Kilos are spacious and divided to a few section. I had my workout done at the Unisex Gym.

Not only spacious but it is also clean *I LIKE*

Early morning exercise with the view of the beautiful city of Shah Alam  ~the nice music, lighting, clean and nice interior .. AWESOME!

Kilos are equipped with modern Cardio machines such as Treadmill, Exercise bikes, Cross trainer and Stepper which help us burn our calories effectively.

I had fun trying the Stepper. Step by step ~ Stronger!

Kilos are also equipped with weight machines and bars which come in all shapes and sizes. Exercise bench to support your body exercise are also available.

Set of dumbells, kettlebells ~ all are clean and in good condition. I was amazed with its cleanliness .. they look new .. I guessed they polish it everyday *Hehe* 

And I love working my upper body using this Lat pull-down machine *stronger biceps in the making *Yeay*

Another day spent at Kilos 

I love Leg Press machine. 60kg is too easy for Ella .. 100kg please! 

Working on my Glutes. The machine are all in good condition and user friendly too.

For a stronger upper body .. I love the challenged given by this machine. You can do it, Ella!

Working on my tricep

In Kilos, safety is the most utmost priority. Members/guests will be given guidance and consultation on the safety features of each equipment at any time required.

One of my favourite workout.  Simple, easy and very effective for a slimmer waistline. Well, ladies .. if you aim for a slim, sexy waist, I suggest you do this everyday.

Every Saturday of the month, members of Kilos will be serve with refreshment ... a good way to end your workout session at Kilos.

Kilos has it own Aerobic Studio where members can enjoy group workout together.

Step board, Exercise ball and Yoga Mat ~ Complete!

The Aerobic Studio has 2 classes per week ~ Yoga Class every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm and Zumba Class every Thursday from 8:15-9:15pm. I received a good feedback from a friend who attended the Zumba Class at Kilos before. The Class is fun *she said* With a reasonable charges of RM15 only, I look forward to return to Kilos for the group studio exercise *Excited*

Other than that, Kilos also has a Ladies Gym to cater the need for those ladies who want to work out privately or perhaps "Muslimah fitness lady" 

The female locker room are spacious and elegantly furnished 

The female gym are equipped with Sauna and Steam room

Misz-ella with Irene, The Fitness Manager of Kilos Fitness Center

I had fun during my workout session at Kilos Fitness Center, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. Kilos are clean, spacious, have a bright lighting which give you a comfort and fresh feeling while exercise, the choice of music are good and most importantly it is equipped with all machines and equipment that we need for our workout .. from the various cardio machines to burn our extra calories to various shape and sizes of weight machines to strengthen and lengthen our body. Kilos are awesome and definitely a perfect place for workout *Recommended*

Stepping into year 2017, Kilos Fitness Center offer a yearly membership package with a  'pocket friendly' price. This is to enable more people to reach their mission of getting healthier and have a better shape in year 2017. Well .. that is my 2017 resolution .. what about you, readers?

Changing to a healthy lifestyle is easier and affordable now with Kilos. Walk In to Kilos Fitness Center or call 03-55122200 ext 2281 for enquiries. You will be surprise with the great offers .. just like me.

More information and photos about Kilos Fitness Center can be find at http://shahalam.concordehotelsresorts.com/ and Do Not forget to LIKE Concorde Hotel Shah Alam's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/concordehotelshahalam/ for updates.