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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Symphony Life That '70s Run was Fun!

Hello readers ..

How did you spend your last weekend? Me and my friends took part in Symphony Life That '70s Run during the last weekend. 

*Pic credit to Miera's FB*

Symphony Life That '70s Run is a 5.8km run which was held on 15th January 2017 at The BizWalk, Taman Tasik Prima, Puchong. Selangor. A total of 1,035 fitness enthusiasts were seen participated in Symphony Life Berhad's first ever fun run event. The venue were filled by participants as early as 6.30am 

The warming up session before we start the run. As usual, warming up is very important to activate our body muscle and to increase the heart rate.

The flagged off was done at 7.45am by Y Bhg Tan Sri Azman Yahya, Executive Chairman of Symphony Life Berhad.

 As soon as the siren blows ..the participants ran excitedly

Run happy with friends ~ Blogger Rane, Fiona and Kelly Chin were among the participants during the Symphony Life '70s Run.

 Yuhuuuu .. we are at the Symphony Life '70s Run *pantang nampak kamera .. haha*

Ana, Ekin and Ain joined the run too. I guessed Ain was the happiest participant on that day cos for the first time her husband and son took part in a run.  

 Lagi muka-muka ceria. Its good to see how running has become a popular way for a family to spend quality time together.

Ohhh yang ni pun comel jugak .. So matching this father and son

Run baby run *so cute* He ran faster than his dad. Cool!

 Another couple running with their children *love*

The route was easy and suits all level of fitness. As for me, I did a Tempo Run for the first 2km.

As Symphony Life '70s Run is a run which combined run and dance in '70s, participants are required to stop at 2 checkpoints. Water station *mineral water and 100 Plus!* and banana were given to the participants to refuel and ...

*Pic credit to Miera's FB*

Heyyy .. lets groove to the '70s disco tunes. Shake, shake and twist your body. I am a '70s baby. Song like Mama Mia, Dancing Queen, Stayin' Alive, *just to name a few* are so close to my heart. I have been listening to those songs since I was a kid so I really enjoyed the dance session. It was fun!

*Pic credit to Miera's FB*

And I was quite lucky because I share the same passion with my fitness buddies. Orang-orang yang suka amalkan 'fitness dance' ni tak boleh dengar muzik .. asyik nak goyang je. I spent 30 minutes at the first checkpoint enjoying the dance groove from one to another. Tak kesah lah kalau i over pun the most important thing is I really enjoyed myself at Symphony Life '70s Run.

Sporting lah you alls!

Colourful and cheerful! 

Heyy thats Nad, Ain, Ekin and Mieza! Comelnya cara Mieze dance, kan. Not difficult to spot my team, anyway cos 10 of us wore the same skirt during the '70s Run. Sehati Sejiwa. Semangat setiakawan antara kami sangat tinggi. I love my running team!

Sapa cakap ada anak kecil tak boleh nak ber exercise? Look at this couple *salute lah!*

Hello Bro .. You are in character Bro. Caya lah!

Shake, shake, shake .. lets join them on the stage. Sporting la abang ..

OK lah .. one wefie with the Instructor buat kenangan di hari tua. Esok-esok bila cucu kita baca blog ni mesti dia cakap .. Laaaa .. macam ni rupanya nenek kita dulu ye? *hahaha*

We claimed the wrist band once we finished the dance session

We continue running and had some wefie too! Rugi lah tak ambik gambar, kan.

And once we reached Checkpoint no. 2 ~ Dance baby dance .. *so happy*

We took part in the 'limbo challenged' too! Fun lah! So enjoyed!

Wootsss .. Gus Ghani the happy runner can dance too, ok. Cool bro!!

Symphone Life '70s Run united participants from all ages and races. Run happy, dance happily .. that is Symphony Life That '70s Run *I LIKE*

A shot with the Instructor *Peaceeee*

We claimed our second Wrist band upon completion of the dance session at the second checkpoint. Mission completed. Lets go to the finishing line.

Ooopsss .. 1km to go *Yeayy*

And Finally ... the dream medal is in our hands *happy*

One more wefie lah .. this time with my Darling Mieza

And tadaaaaa .. 10 of us running together at Symphony Life That '70s Run on 15th January 2017. We dressed up in our best '70s look. Sejujurnya, I am proud with my team's performance. We made it again, ladies. I remember when I first started running, I ran alone. After a few series of running and sharing my experienced in my blog and FB, I started to form my own team. I am no longer alone but now I run with my team. From zero to hero, Aliah, Nad run faster than me nowadays. Azie participated in more run than me. I am so proud of them and Symphony Life That '70s Run really united us. Our friendship and love grow .. we brainstorming our outfit for the run, we support and motivated each other to keep our feet moving no matter what. Nad, Ain and Mieza were not well during the run day but with the love and support of the team, they made their way to the finishing line. As a Team leader, I am proud with their spirit *ohhh terharu nak nangis* 

Closed up of the retro-designed finisher medal

Wefie with the happy go lucky runner, Gus Ghani.You look so cool with that fancy Afro hair and glass, Gus. Belanja lah satu gambar *hehehe* *Pic credit to https://www.instagram.com/gusghani/*

Wefie with my blogger friends too *Pic credit to Miera's FB*

Time for some 'makan' after the Run ~ we were given a Food Box which contains Cream Bun, Drinks and food voucher to spend at  the Food trucks which are available at the venue. I wanted to Thank Azie who came out with the idea of this red polkadot skirt, Kak Yun who bought the material for us and my whole team for being supportive. We Made It Happened, ladies!

Jom shopping kat Food Truck! Macam-macam ada.

Makin sihat dan bersemangat lepas makan so we did more Wefie

Symphony Life That '70s Run was filled with other activities too ~ The kids enjoy the giant bubble play, street clown performances, colouring workshop, face painting, an inflatable playground and many more.

We spotted the clown. Ehhh japppp .. meh ambik gambar dengan kitorang *hehehe*

Hey there was a photobooth too .. maka haruslah berfotoan di sini buat kenangan hari tua kita. Pose, Smile and Snap!!!

One for the whole team pleaseee ..

 Then its time for some stage activities and woottss .. big clap to Azie and Della from my team who volunteered to be on stage.

Kalau dah memang suka joget .. di mana-mana pun dia ok jer, kan Della. Look at her .. she was having fun!

The BMX show was fun too!

Participants with the most creative and colourful outfit during the run. Best lah korang .. very sporting

*Pic credit to Miera's FB*

Participants also took part in lucky draws with prizes worth of up to RM10, 000 were up for grabs. The grand prizes included a TV, bicycles, smartphone, tablet, and more.

Symphony Life Berhad’s, That 70’s Run with the sponsors and partners, which included Garmin Malaysia, Salonpas, Eagle Brand, Tongee, Hung Fuk Tong, Sunway Lagoon, Running Malaysia Magazine, Ultron, Z Fitness, Lincoln University College, Arthritis Foundation Malaysia, Ideamax, RunningEvents.my, Getwell Physiotheraphy Centre, and more was a very successful event. 

Congratulations Symphony Life Berhad. The participants, either they ran with their family, or running with friends *like me* were seen enjoying themselves at the Fun Run. We look forward for another run by Symphony Life Berhad in the future.

More information about Symphony Life Group can be find at www.symphonylife.my


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