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LOVE LOLA, a multi-brand fashion jewellery & accessories boutique launched at Skypark Terminal, Subang

Hello readers ..

This is a very beautiful entry, specially dedicated to a beautiful woman or for those who want to be beautiful and look beautiful with accessories and jewellery.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the launched of LOVE LOLA, a multi-brand jewellery and accessories concept boutique at SkyPark Terminal.

The elegant travel retail boutique features iconic brands ~ Thomas Sabo, Misaki, Pica Lela and Toscow.

Mr. Suraj Menon, Managing Director of J&G Group said that "We are thrilled to present LOVA LOLA, a multi-brand fashion jewellery and accessories concept boutique featuring internationally renowned travel retail jewellery brands. LOVE LOA epitomises a strong, confident and independent fashionista. She's always on the go, juggling many facets in herlife with grace and courage.  LOVE LOLA represents her fashion accessory picks that can take her from day to night and complements the many hats she wears. Her stars repersents the light that brightens her loved one paths and also evokes a twinkle from her joyful and playful persona.

Prices at LOVE LOLA start from RM200 and the boutique carries the latest travel retail assortment from the brands which include necklaces, pendants, charms, bracelets, rings, bangles, earrings and watches.

The guest of honour, Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Ravindran Menon, Executive Director of Subang SkyPark Terminal in his speech welcomed LOVE LOLA to SkyPark Terminal as it adds overall offerings as a lifestyle destination. With this latest addition, travellers and communities that live around the airport can enjoy branded and chic jewellery that's closer to home.

*Pic credit to miera nadhirah's FB*

Ms. Carey Ng, Ms Universe Malaysia 2013 then joined Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri 
Ravindran and Suraj to officiate the store during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Among other highlights during the event included fashion showcase featuring the latest collection from all the brands, shopping privileges, lucky draws from Toscow, fashion Artist and illustator du jour @miseleen_artist enthralled guests with creative illustrations of themselves and delectable canapes and cocktails by Westin.

So readers, if you are looking for a multi-brand jewellery & accessories concept boutique which features iconic brands - Thomas Sabo, Misaki, Pica Lela and Toscow do drop by at LOVE LOVA, Subang SkyPark Terminal and enjoy your shopping!