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Travelog.com ~ A travel flash sales website with 70% discount!

Hello lovely readers ..

Now lets talk about travel. Siapa tak suka travel? Me!! Ahhh .. tipu sebab Misz-ella kaki travel sebenarnya. I love visiting new places especially those places with beautiful scenery so that I can pose, pose and pose like now one is watching *LOL*

Good news for kaki travel!! Now we can travel at a very pocket friendly price with the newly launched Travelog.com, a travel flash sales website that give you amazing deals!

The launched of Travelog.com was held on 18th January 2017 at The Vertical Business Suite, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The launced was witnessed by their distinguish guests,  members of the media and misz-ella.blogspot.com was seen there too.

The introduction of Travelog.com

Travelog.com is founded by Sam Xu, who hails from China and after making Malaysia his home, he decided to form Travelog.com to offer great deals to travellers who are looking for their next holiday plan at a very affordable price.

The launching of Travelog.com

Travelog.com features limited time discounts of up to 70% on myriad of deals such as accommodation packages and other attractions. The deals which are on offer for a certain period of time will be on the website for grabs. Travelog.com guaranteed the lowest price deals in town, exclusively handpicked by Travelog.com's team.

Travelog.com offer varieties of choices ~ From a family fun activities such as the famous Singapore USS entrance ticket, The Lost World of Tambun entrance ticket, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park entrance ticket to a romantic vacation for the newly weds as well as adventure seeker.

Mr. Sam Xu and Travelog.com's team

Users are encourage to sign up via email to receive notifications of the upcoming deals before it is open to the public. Travelog.com are also a friendly website which allow payment to be made via Online banking, Paypal, Credit/Debit card and Bank transfers.

Well, I have gone through Travelog.com's website and are quite happy with the amazing deals. So readers, if you are looking for an amazing travel deals which will not burn your wallet, visit the below sites :

Or call 03-22421058 and 013-5418888 or email the team at support@travelog.com