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Ali Tuwin - Head of Malay Chef at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

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Let me share of you some interesting facts ~ Part of my scope of work as a Full time blogger is eating *hehe* so in this entry I am going to share with you the story behind the delicious Malay food serves in TEMPTations, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel.

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel recently welcomed new Head Malay Chef Ali Tuwin, as part of their family members. Hailing from the state of Sabah, his career took off when he discovered that a profession in the culinary arts would take him places, which is also aligned with his passion for traveling.

With over 20 years of experience up his sleeves, Chef Ali has worked his way up from the cradle of his profession to his current position as Head Malay Chef. Prior to joining Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Chef Ali has worked with a number of international and local hotels as well as the Brunei royal family. His choice of specializing in Malay food has taken him to Japan, Mauritius and Brunei Darussalam, to name a few places.

In his current position as Head Malay Chef, Ali is responsible for the Malay Banquet Kitchen operations and the preparation of Malay food at TEMPTationS, culinary training of his team, developing new and innovative menus, maintaining high sanitation standards and ensuring high standards of food quality.

Do check out Chef Ali’s interpretation of Biryani gam, Rendang tok, Aneka kari lautan and Sambal tumis at the buffet as these are the dishes that have won the hearts of Renaissance's royalties.
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